It’s that time of year again!  Time to get out the old Christmas ornaments and start transforming your home into a winter wonderland.  But, instead of using just your exsisting decorations, or buying new ones, how about repurposing some household items you probably already have?  Try these Rustic Christmas Decorating Ideas in your home this holiday season.

Wooden sign with the word "joy" in raised wooden letters. This decorative sign could be used for Christmas decor, or all year long. Hang it on the ...

#1 Wooden Box

If you have any old wooden boxes laying around how about painting it a Christmas color? Add some hooks on the front and stuff it with holdiay greens and pine cones. 

Use it on your mantle to hold stockings, on a shelf in an entry, or how about in a bathroom with some scented soaps?

rustic christmas decorating ideas red wooded box with pincones
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#2 Furniture Spindle Tree

Country Design Style took some old furniture spindles and strung them on a wooden dowel to make this adorable Christmas tree.  I love this idea.

You will need spindles of different styles, colors, and lengths to get this look. Take a dowel or rod and drill holes in the center of the spindles the width of the rod. Add some kind of base to the rod so it can stand up. Then starting with the longest spindle, start stacking them onto the rod. Finish with some kind of topper like the bow on this one or a star, ornament, or something else Christmas related.

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#3 Repurposed Skis

Confessions from a serial DIYer came up with an easy way to not only make a cute Christmas ski decoration, but also a great way to do something with those skis that have been collecting dust in your garage!  😉

Don’t have any old skis? Look for some at your local thrift store. Paint them a Christmas color. Screw them together in the center. Then finish them off with a collection of greens and berries. So cute.

#4 Old Christmas bulbs

This is the cutest Rustic Christmas decorating idea. Don’t throw away any of your old burned out Christmas bulbs.  Just tie some twine or ribbon around the base, make a loop and hang them from your tree. 

You could also make a garland out of them and hang them from your fireplace mantle or a chandelier.

vintage christmas lights turned into ornaments, christmas decorations, repurposing upcycling, seasonal holiday decor
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rustic christmas decorating ideas
rustic christmas decorating ideas

#5 Hardware Decoration

PettiCoatJUNKtion used some misc handles and hinges to make this adorable Christmas tree decoration.  Hobby Lobby has some adorable ones. So simple and so rustic.  LOVE IT!


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