5 steps to organize your dining room for the holidays

If you are hosting a gathering this year then it’s time to organize your dining room for the holidays.  I love the holidays but I don’t always love all the work it takes to get ready for them.  This is why I try to break down chores into manageable chunks and not wait until the last-minute.  This week it’s time to get the dining room organized.

I’m pretty organized anyway, but things tend to get a little out of hand if I’m not careful with keeping up with things.  So, I’m going to share some tips to get you organized and hopefully help you stay that way.

5 steps to organize your dining room for the holidays

#1 De-Clutter

The first step to organize your dining room is decluttering.  Go thru all those drawers, shelves, cabinets, closets, etc and get rid of anything that you haven’t used over the past year.  I say a year because a lot of the items stored in your dining room are probably used for family gatherings, holidays and other special occasions that don’t come around very often.  Let go of some things to make room for the things you do use and love.

Decide which items do not belong in the dining room and find another place to store them.

Organize whats left into categories such as dishes, glasses, linens, candles, and whatever else you need to store in your space.

#2 Clean all surfaces

Clean and disinfect all drawers, shelves, closets, hunches, etc.  Start by vacuuming any dust and debris then wipe down with your choice of cleaners and let dry.

If you have an area rug take it outside and give it a good beating.  Vacuum curtains and blinds.  Give your artwork a cleaning with a damp rag or use glass cleaner when appropriate.

#3  Decide on storage options

Do you have adequate storage pieces in the room to hold what you need?  If not try looking around your home for a piece that could work here.  Think outside the box.  You don’t have to use dining room furniture to organize your dining room.  How about a dresser, a bookshelf, or a cubby?  Below, Cori George used an old dresser with shelves above it for a great dining room storage option.

I love the idea of a mix of closed storage and open shelving.  The best of both worlds.  Hide away all the unattractive items and display all the pretty.

Oakhouse design used a built-in bookcase to display all of their dining room supplies in a neat and attractive way.  The trick to this is to use beautiful baskets and other storage pieces to corral sets of items such as linens, accessories to kitchen tools, glasses, baking items, etc.

You’ll also notice that they displayed like items together, such as stacks of plates, and even gave them more importance by elevating them on cake stands.  Love it.  Notice that most of the bookcase houses all white and natural items and then just sprinkled in some blue?  This is a great way to keep the open shelves from looking to cluttered.

Tip: I would use your baskets to hold items that maybe are not too pretty to look at while displaying items that are.  Which brings me to the next tip…

#4  Use decorative baskets, bins, trays, etc. to organize your dining room

Abby from Just a Girl and her Blog always has great ideas for organizing all your little spaces.  Below she used a folding method to hold a lot of linens in a way that you can easily see just what you’re looking for.  This not only saves space but looks amazing too.

You can also take another tip from this photo and line your drawers with decorative shelf liner.  It really just makes your drawers pop with color and style.  It’s the little things that make the difference.

Better Homes and Gardens shows a great alternative to stacking dishes on a shelf.  You can purchase plate dividers like these at Amazon and all you would need is a deep drawer to get this organized.

You can find deep drawer cabinetry at IKEA.  This is my dining room below and we purchased our built-in cabinets there.  It was so easy to put together and we installed it ourselves.  The quality is amazing complete with soft close doors and drawers and it provides a lot of storage.

5 steps to organize your dining room for the holidays

#5 Get ready for guests

If your planning on hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner at your home then you have to incorporate this idea from Joanna Gaines from Magnolia Homes.  She used a built-in cabinet for this look, but you can get the same look using a piece of furniture.  How about a buffet table, side board, or even an entertainment stand?

Set it up as a buffet, appetizer station, or for desserts and coffee so your guests can help themselves.  I love it!

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