A family organizing center can be a lifesaver.  How many of you have a place in your home, usually right inside the door, where everything from school papers, mail, shoes, keys, toys, and even your pet’s stuff end up in a big heaping pile? And let me guess, you can never find anything you’re looking for? And you’re always running late? Sound familiar? You need a family organizing center! Just follow these few simple techniques and you’ll be on your way to being more organized and less stressed.

7 steps to a perfect family organizing center


Here are your 7 steps

Step 1

Designate an area, preferably right inside the door, where it is easily accessible for everyone. Make sure it has enough space for some type of storage piece with wall space either above it or beside it. What we’re looking for is an area that can hold all of the items in your “heaping pile”, but in an organized and orderly fashion. Wherever your “stuff” ends up is probably a good place because it’s convenient. So let’s make better use of it.

Step 2

Find storage pieces that can be used for double duty. An example might be a cushioned bench with cubicles underneath. How about a hutch that can hold a computer, school papers and mail? Don’t forget to use the space underneath. How about a large bookcase or even something as simple as a few wall shelves and a rolling plastic caddy?

Step 3

Take inventory of your “stuff” and then decide what types of containers you will need to organize it. If you have kids, use a cube or basket labeled for each child and have them put their shoes, backpacks, toys, etc. in them. Place them underneath a bench, on a shelf or hang them on the wall.

7 steps to a perfect family organizing center

Step 4

If you have older children or other adults in the home hang a file basket or bin on the wall for each.  When you bring in the mail, sort it into each person’s bin but throw away junk mail immediately.

See my post Simple ideas to make bill paying easier for more ideas to organize your mail.

Step 5

Hang another bin or have another designated spot like a shelf or basket for outgoing mail or signed school papers. This way as you walk out the door, it will be right there to take with you.

Step 6

Add some hooks on the wall for your keys, umbrella, purse, back packs and pet leashes.

7 steps for a perfect family organizing center

Step 7

Make a messaging center by hanging a chalk board, white board, calendar, and/or cork board to leave notes, reminders, grocery lists, and keep track of appointments and events.

Planning a family organizing center to help get you and your family organized is easier than you might think.  It will save you time, frustration, make your home look less cluttered, and maybe even help the kids learn how to take on a little more responsibility for themselves.

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