Boho-style decorating is really hot in home decor this holiday season. And it happens to be one of my favorites because of all the neutral colors and its resemblance to the farmhouse style. Farmhouse style and boho can go hand in hand because of the more “collected” aspect of the design. So if you are transitioning over from farmhouse to the boho vibe, chances are you already have a lot of holiday decor you can use. Here are some boho Christmas Decor ideas to incorporate into your home this holiday season.

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Boho Christmas decorating ideas

How to incorporate bohemian Christmas decor

Natural and earthy elements help to make up the boho style. Natural items such as wood and metals, orange slices, cinnamon sticks, and birch logs will give you a boho feel. Add some earthy elements like plants, moss, woven baskets, and macrame made from natural ropes and string and you are well on your way to achieving the boho Christmas look.

Adding layers and layers of different textures and other natural elements will give you the boho look you’re going for. Pillows, faux fur throws, layered rugs, floor cushions, drapery, and lots of trees and greens will finish the look.

So how do you incorporate boho Christmas decor ideas into your home? First, decide on your color scheme.

When I think of a bohemian color pallet, I think of neutral colors, but that is not always the case. The boho style is layered with found items which can become quite an eclectic mix of patterns and colors. So you will need to choose a color palette consisting of either natural earthy colors or a very colorful, curated look.

So think of either neutral and natural decorations like woods, beads, stems, and feathers, or more of a traveler style with vintage ornaments from your childhood or past travels. In this post, I will be focusing on the neutral boho Christmas decor look.

bohemian christmas tree decorating ideas

If you’re looking to incorporate boho decor into your Christmas tree then it’s a great idea to add as many natural elements as possible.

No matter what you put on your tree, you should start with the perfect tree. A flocked tree is a great choice. The white branches look like how you would find a tree in nature in the winter and make a great backdrop to your neutral decorations.

Create your base with lots of twinkly lights throughout the tree. Use your tree topper as your statement piece. Then disperse your ornaments in a purposeful yet natural way. A perfect way to do this is to start by adding your largest sets of ornaments equally around the tree, then your next largest set, and so on. Then finish it off with all of your single, special ornaments to fill in the gaps.


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Here are some great boho Christmas tree ideas for you.

Pallet Christmas Trees

A pallet Christmas tree is a natural tree made from old pallet boards. These trees will also work well with the farmhouse style.

Pallet Christmas tree for boho Christmas decor ideas

Macrame Christmas trees

Macrame screams boho. Use any type of macrame items in and around your tree to incorporate boho Christmas decor ideas into your home.

Macramé trees

Pom-pom garland

Pom poms are often seen in boho decorating because of the natural yarn elements. You can stay with the natural look and use all neutral colors, or get colorful and add pom poms of different colors.

Pom Pom Garland for boho Christmas decor ideas

Boho tree topper

Your tree topper should also be made from natural elements. Find something that will make a real statement for your trees such as a star made from twigs or wood beads. Or how about a large bow made from organic materials?

boho star tree topper

Pretty boho ornaments

Wood bead tassel ornaments

Tassels are another element often found in boho decorating.

boho tassel ornament

Tassel fringe garland

Put tassels and garlands together and you have the best of both worlds.

Tassel fringe garland for boho Christmas decor ideas

Pampas grass

Pampas grass is a great thing to use for filling up spaces that need a little something. Stick some in a vase, make a wreath with them, or even stick some in the branches of your tree.

pampas grass

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Macramé Christmas Ornament

These Macrame ornaments scream boho. The texture and creamy color would look great in a neutral Christmas decorating theme

Macramé Christmas Ornaments for boho Christmas decor ideas

Faux fur ornaments

You can use faux fur anywhere in your Christmas decorating, but how cool would it be to have fur ornaments? These ones are so cute. But if you don’t want fur on your tree you can add a faux fur throw to your living room sofa. Or throw down a faux fur rug. All of these will help to give you that naturally layered look.

Faux Fur Ornaments for your boho Christmas decor ideas

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boho tree skirt ideas

You should consider what materials to use for your tree skirt just as you would the rest of your decor. Here are a few different ways to get the boho look for your tree.

Basket tree skirt

One of my favorite ways to hide the tree stand is to use a basket.

Basket tree skirt

Natural tree skirt

The fringe and the burlap make this a perfect boho tree skirt

Neutral burlap tree skirt

Don’t have a tree skirt that will work for you? How about wrapping a large chunky knit blanket around the base?

Chunky knit blankets

Front door boho decorating ideas

Now that you have your interior taken care of don’t forget the exterior of your home. Make a statement for what is to come by displaying a wreath with natural textures and earth tones. Here are a couple of really pretty ideas including my own diy wreath I made with yarn and a burlap bow.

Boho pom pom wreath

Pom Pom Wreath

Pampas grass wreath

Pampas grass wreath for boho Christmas decor ideas
Yarn wreath for boho Christmas decor

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boho Christmas decorations for around the home

Now here are some boho Christmas decor ideas for other areas of your home.

Boho Christmas stocking idea

Sherpa Christmas stockings for your boho Christmas decor ideas

Wooden beads

You can use these wooden beads in many places around the home. Some ideas are as a garland on the tree, swagged across the fireplace, hanging from a chandelier, draped in a tray, across your headboard, as valances on your windows, and much more.

White wooden bead garland

Bottle brush trees

These trees are not my favorite. But if you are going to use them for decorating, it is best to group them in a collection like in the image below. Try them on a tray with other Christmas decorations as an accent.

bottle brush trees

Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are another item that can be used in a lot of different places like on your tree, in a glass bowl or vase, behind sheer fabric on your windows, around shelf decor, wrapped around your ceiling beams, and much more.

Snowflake Pillow and Wool Velvet Pillow

Pillows with lots of textures in neutral colors will make a great addition to your boho Christmas decorating.

Faux Fur Throw Blanket

Curling up in a faux fur blanket is just awesome for any winter decorating. But, it will look especially great in boho decorating.

Fur throw boho Christmas decor ideas

Book trees

Book trees work for this style because of the neutral and natural nature of the paper book. You can also make one yourself out of an old hymn book to really give it a Christmas feel.

Book Tree for boho Christmas decor ideas

You can probably see why I love the Boho Christmas style from all of these beautiful images. But what’s really great is that all of these decorations would look great in any winter wonderland type of home.


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