Why decorating for dads? Father’s day comes once a year and if you ask me, one day to celebrate the men in your life just isn’t enough. So, in addition to the lovely tie, the new fishing rod, or golf clubs, why not give him something he can use all year? Give him a space of his own!

I will give you the steps to design a masculine space for the man in your life. And you could do this very inexpensively by using things he already has. All you need is to know what your man likes, and be able to use your imagination. Let’s get started.

Decorating for Dad's

Masculine Decorating Ideas

Everyone can find one room, or just the corner of a room, a garage, an attic, an office, or a shed that you can dedicate just for him. I guarantee that if he doesn’t have a space at all, that he won’t mind where it is. LOL

My poor husband has a closet full of sports memorabilia that just doesn’t “go” with anything in our house. (The price he pays for being married to a decorator!) But we are building a new garage and it will be all his. I promise!

So look around your home. Find a space that he can call his own and let’s get decorating.

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Decorating for Dads
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a mancave with his favorite things.

What is he into? Maybe it’s NASCAR racing, baseball, fishing, or all of the above. Use his favorite things to spark your imagination by using masculine design elements that will remind him of those things.

Now if your like me and you don’t want a room that looks like a sports museum then your going to want to decorate the room so that it “feels” like his favorite things but doesn’t actually have a room full of “stuff.”

For instance, go with leather if you’re thinking a western theme or netting for a fishing theme.  How about black and white checks for NASCAR racing? The idea is to incorporate hints of what he loves if you don’t want to go all out and hang fish all over the wall. LOL

How will he use the space?

Next you’ll need to think about how he’s going to USE the space. Does he need to share a space that has another function like in a garage or office? What does he like to do? Does he play cards, watch TV, relax, eat, and hang with his friends?

What will he need in this space to make those things possible? A table, a recliner, a bunch of recliners LOL, a refrigerator? Don’t forget lighting. Will you need lamps or ceiling fixtures? Where are the outlets? Make sure you have everything you’ll need to make this space work for the things he will want to do in there.

Try to come up with unique ways of using some of his things instead of their intended use.  Also, make the items function, as well as, for decoration.  This way it can do double duty, especially if the space is small. 

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Next, you will need to make a list of everything he’ll need and want. Think of the theme. How can you incorporate that theme into the room? I have compiled some themes below with some examples of how you can pull the look together. Take a look and see if you can get your imagination flowing and then get shopping.

Manly Fishing Decorating Theme

Now you could just hang all of his fishing gear on the walls but that’s not very creative or attractive. So let’s think a little less literal and think about how a fishing room theme would feel? Here are some examples:

  • A leather Recliner
  • A fish basket for his newspapers or magazines
  • Netting hung to divide the space or cover pipes
  • Tackle boxes stacked for a side table
  • Rubber boots with seagrass coming out of it for a decoration
  • A fishing pole hung on the wall with pictures of his catches
  • A small decorative boat with glass on top to use as a bar
  • A small boat mounted to a wall with shelves added to it for display
  • A display box for all of his lures
decorating for dads

Masculine Baseball Decorating Ideas

Baseball and other sports are a popular theme for men. Think about incorporating things you would see at a game like some of these below:

  • Wooden benches for seating
  • Green indoor/outdoor carpeting for the floor
  • Baseball bats for legs on a table
  • Lockers for storage
  • A wall mural of his favorite park
  • Use one of the colors of his favorite theme on a focal wall
  • Use metal cage material to separate the space or for a backdrop behind a bar
  • Glass cases to display his jerseys, game balls, etc.
  • A hotdog or popcorn machine for decoration or for food serving
  • An American flag
  • Multiple TVs for game watching

Masculine lounge or bar theme

For this theme you definitely want to set the mood. Most bars and lounges are dark and moody. Maybe pay a visit to your favorite bar and get your juices flowing.

  • You will definitely need a bar area. Build a place for liquor and wine bottles behind it
  • How about a beer tap or beer fridge
  • Use dark paint colors on the wall to give that lounge feeling
  • Leather furniture and stools. Don’t forget something to put his feet up
  • Low lighting and/or accent lights like uplights or beer light signs
  • A pool table or slot machines

Masuline automotive theme

This one is easy for me because my husband owns a used auto parts company and I have helped him decorate over the years.

  • Corrugated metal for a wall or front of bar
  • Car handles for cabinet hardware
  • Leather car bench seats for furniture
  • Make a shelf out of a car bumper
  • Street signs for wall decor
  • Wire some headlights or taillights for a unique lighting theme
  • Use stacked tires with glass on top for a table
  • Metal stools with colored vinyl seats
  • Frame some automotive tools for artwork

Automotive Themed Decor

Remember, whatever his favorite pastime is you can use your imagination to make him feel like he’s right in the middle of it.  This is a gift that he’ll be able to enjoy for a long time.

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If you have any other ideas you would like to share for the rest of our readers, please leave a comment.

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