Mason jars have to be one of the most versatile products available right now.  Yes, they have been around for generations, but with all the cleaver people out there, they have been re-imagined into some very clever and useful ideas. So you want to know what to do with empty glass jars? Check out these ideas.

what to do with empty glass jars.  Images showing empty jars turned into pretty polka dotted jars with flowers.

Cute ways to use those empty glass jars

I’m showing mason jars in this post but you could easily use any type of glass jar for these projects, with exception to the first picture which uses the lids of the mason jar.

Don’t forget you can find mason jars, or other glass jars, at your local thrift store. Or, you can save up those spaghetti jars. 🙂

what to do with empty glass jars. Pumkin from mason jar lids

mason jar lid pumpkin from Country Living

Who said you need the whole jar to make something?  Just using the outer lids of the jar, and a few rolls of washi tape, you can make this adorable pumpkin decoration.

See how I made a repurposed farmhouse style planter light

what to do with empty glass jars. dotty mason jars

Polka Dot mason jars by RM Simple Rustics

These simple and rustic polka-dot mason jars can be made just using paint and a round dobber.  Easy right?  How adorable would these look on shelf or a table?

what to do with empty glass jars.  Images of mason jars turned into pretty crafts
what to do with empty glass jars.  maple leaf candles

Leaf Mason Jars from Country Living

These leaf mason jars look harder to make than they are.  All you need is a leaf sticker and some paint.  Just adhere the sticker to the plain glass jar and paint over the whole thing.   Before the paint dries just peel the sticker off and that’s it.  Add some rocks and a candle and tie a little raffia around the top and you’ve got a cute fall decoration.

Check out this floral chandelier I made from a round basket tray and chain

what to do with empty glass jars.  HOME painted mason jars

Home mason jars from Joannes

Same idea here as the leaf design.  Just put some strips of tape around the bottom, paint the whole jar, then remove the tape.  Then stencil some letters on the top with a contrasting paint color.  So easy.  You could make these jars say anything you want.  How about “Thanks” or “Cheers” for the upcoming holidays?

what to do with empty glass jars.  painted pumpkin mason jars

Pumpkin Mason Jars from Marushis

I just love these pumpkin jars.  You may need a little more artistic ability to make these jars look as beautiful as these.  But, there are two things you can do instead.  How about using a pumpkin stencil or sticker?  OR… just buy them from the link above?  🙂

What to do with empty glass jars? How about making any of these cute ideas and sell them at a local craft fair?

My readers favorite craft…holiday wood blocks

 what to do with empty glass jars.  Chalkboard painted desk accessories

Chalkboard desk organizers from Pinterest

Make your jars work for you.  Paint your jars with a flat black chalk paint and use a white chalk marker to write the words.  Or use a Cricut, or other cutting machine, to cut out the words and adhere them to the jars.

what to do with empty glass jars.  farmhouse style hanging planters

Hanging mason jar planters from Etsy

If your looking a mason jar craft that doesn’t sit on a table or shelf, then this is a great one!  All you need is a couple pieces of wood, 2 hooks and your painted jars.  Add some greens and hang it from some twine.  This is such a great farmhouse look!

 what to do with empty glass jars.  farmhouse jars

Farmhouse Mason Jars from Futurist Architecture

I love the farmhouse style and these just make me smile!  All you need to get this look is to paint the jars all flat black.  When it’s dry add some animal shaped stickers and paint over the whole thing again, but with white.  Remove the stickers and use sand paper to rough it up a bit.  Add some burlap ribbon and twine.  Sooo cute!

Start saving those glass jars! Do you have another idea for using glass jars? I’d love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below.

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