If you have been in your home for any length of time then chances are you may not feel the same about it as you did in the beginning. Sure, you still love it. But, maybe your not “in love” with it. So, let’s talk about how to fall in love with your home all over again!

Just like in a long term relationship, things change. People change, times change, and trends come and go. So, if you don’t keep up with these changes, and put in the effort, things can go south quickly.

Plus, over time, things in the home may age. They start to fall apart, or just don’t work like they used to. 😉

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Maybe you are just getting bored at looking at the same place day after day. You may even have become blind to some things. I know I don’t notice certain things until someone else points it out!

So, just like a relationship you need to change and grow with the times. You need to put in a little effort to keep things looking fresh and new. And even try a little harder to bring back the spark.

Here are some tips to help you rekindle the love and fall in love with your home again.

Clear out the cobwebs

After a while when you’ve settled in and things become routine, you start to slack a little with the upkeep. I tend to put on a little weight, well a lot, but we’re not talking about me here LOL.

When we get comfortable we tend to ignore things or put them off till later. So, things start to multiply and before you know it the house is a mess.

Take some time to give the home a good cleaning. Clear out those “cobwebs” and get things looking fresh again. It will make a world of difference in how your home looks and how it makes you feel. Cleaning may be all it takes to fall in love with your home again.

This is Laurie from the Passionate Penny Pincher and she has a beautiful and functional household chore planner. I love her energy. You should follow her. She walks you thru her cleaning routines on video and has so much enthusiasm. Below she discusses her binder and how to use it. So if you need help with cleaning she is your girl.

Mix things up

If you’ve been in the home for any length of time, you may have it set up the same way as when you moved in. People tend to get something the way they like it, and keep it that way. Change is good people!

Try moving things around. Rearrange your furniture. Move your artwork. Bring a rug in from another room. Spice things up!

Just by mixing things up a little will give you a whole new look and feel for your room.

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Give it some space

After some time in one place, we tend to collect things. We buy new items, store some things, hold things for others, and before you know it our homes are full of stuff.

With all this stuff we lose sight of what we loved about our home. The clutter closes us in and disguises the true beauty of the home. We can quickly forget why we loved our home to begin with.

It’s time to clear it out. Take a look around and see what you can get rid of. And, by get rid of, I don’t mean throw away. You can donate, re-gift, recycle, what ever you are comfortable with, as long as it doesn’t stay there.

Ask yourself, “Do I still love this item?” Or as Marie Kondo would say, “Does it bring you joy?” And start to part with the items you no longer love.

And please don’t just move it from one room to another. All you would be doing is prolonging the inevitable. Don’t put it off for another day.

Learn how to declutter with my post “How to declutter, what, when, where, why, and how”

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