Installing a faux wood wall

Okay, so I saw this beautiful room on Pinterest with a faux wood wall and loved how it warmed up the room.  So I decided I wanted one in my bedroom, behind my bed.  But being impatient as I am, I wanted something that I could do right now!

installing a faux wood wall

I thought about wall paper that looked like wood but I would have to order it, wait for it to come in, and then hang it…nope.  Then I thought “what else I could use that would be quick, easy and inexpensive?”  A peel and stick, faux wood, vinyl, plank flooring was my answer.

Read on to see how my day went installing my faux wood wall.

Off to Lowe’s I went and found exactly what I wanted, in stock!  Yeah!  I loaded up my truck and headed home with my 50 pieces of vinyl flooring. Yup, my husband and I did the math and came up with around 45 pieces and decided to add a few extra for mistakes because I knew I would make some. 😉

faux wood wall

 Lowe’s vinyl flooring shop here

Gathering the supplies

Back at the house I gathered my tools: flooring, razor knife, level, pencil, square, and a piece of wood to cut on. I started at the ceiling and worked my way across it and it already looked AMAZING!  I continued making some cuts where needed and worked my way down the wall. Looking back every few minutes to look at my work, I am tickled pink with the results. I knew by how quickly things were going that I would have a finished wall in a couple hours. My kind of project!

Now, I get almost to the bottom of the wall and realize I’m going to be short about 8 pieces. Crap!  So back to Lowe’s I go to get the rest of my boards.  When I got back my husband yelled out the window “We heard quite a few crashes from the bedroom while you were gone!” Ha ha He’s so funny.


About 1/2 of the planks fell off the wall!  My good mood is now gone and I can feel my blood pressure rising.  What the heck happened?  The man at Lowe’s said I should be able to install the tiles right onto the wall and not have a problem.  Wrong!  Ugh!  So now I’m panicking because I had made some cuts to the boards and would have to put them back together like a puzzle and they were all on the floor in a pile stuck to each other!

What to Do

After my husband calmed me down he showed me some nails with big heads and asked if I wanted to use them to nail the pieces to the wall.  At first I laughed. Then I thought “it might look good with nails in it.”  So I tried the nails on one board and I LOVED it.  Now it looked even more like real boards on my wall. Psyched!

We started putting the puzzle pieces back together and nailing them to the wall piece by piece.  I have to say my husband was so nice, first to calm me down, and then to help me fix my mess.  I love him!  We got it all done and put the bed back against the wall and it looked so good!  If I could show you the happy dance I was doing I would.

Moral of the story

So learn from my mistakes and use some kind of adhesive or other method of installing the vinyl if your going to use peel and stick tiles on your faux wood wall.  Live and Learn.  But seriously, tell me how amazing this wall looks!  I think it was definitely worth the aggravation.

faux wood wall
paint swatch

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