The versatility of forest green makes it a popular choice for any number of projects. Whether you are looking to spruce up a room in your home or add an extra element to a wardrobe, understanding what colors go best with forest green will help you create the perfect look.

This article will explore some of the best color combinations that work well with this shade of green. Other dark color greens such as emerald green, hunter green, or olive green, also can help to elevate your design.

living room with green sofa and side table

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Forest green looks great with neutrals such as white, gray, beige, and tan

White and gray are the perfect hues to pair with forest green. When used together, this pairing of colors will create a bright and fresh look that’s sure to make any space feel inviting.

The neutral tones of white and gray provide a subtle contrast to the boldness of forest green. This allows it to take center stage while still maintaining a balance in the design.

White serves as both an accent color and background hue when used with this deep shade. Neutral colors allow you to showcase its beauty without overwhelming the space or making it too busy or chaotic looking.

What Colors go with Forest Green in decorating?   green and gray livingroom

If you want something more daring, try pairing forest green with charcoal gray instead – this will give your design an extra edge while still staying within the neutral color palette. This color combination will create a very sophisticated and elegant look.

The color pairing of forest green and beige work well together in tandem with one another. This color combination creates a relaxing and warm feel that can be used in almost any space. To add visual interest, accessorize with hints of gold or brass for a hint of warmth and texture.

What other colors complement forest green?

Finding complementary colors to deep greens can be as easy as using the color wheel to find that perfect hue. And many color combinations work with Forest Green from deep earth tones to cool light colors. But here are some colors that work beautifully with Forest Green.


There are many colors that go well with forest green and will help bring out the beauty of this color. One of the best colors to pair with forest green is yellow shades from Mustard yellow to bright yellow.

Yellow is a great accent color when it’s paired with forest green. The two colors provide a cheerful contrast, while still complementing each other. Yellow brings an air of sunshine and happiness to any room when it’s paired with forest green. This creates an inviting atmosphere perfect for entertaining guests or just relaxing at home.

green and yellow livingroom

This combination can be used to create a variety of different looks depending on the shades chosen. For example, pairing light yellow with darker shades of green will create a bright and cheerful look. Whereas pairing darker shades of yellow with lighter greens can give off more of an earthy vibe. Additionally, adding white as an accent color also works well to further highlight the contrasting colors in this palette.

Make sure to use the Yellow sparingly as it can compete with the Forest Green and become overwhelming.


Another great complementary color for forest green is blue. A cool color like blue provides a nice contrast to the deeper hues of forest green while still providing a calming effect on your home decor.

Additionally, blue also adds visual depth when paired with forest green, making it a great choice for those looking to add dimension to their interior design choices.

Royal blue is a timeless and classic color that pairs wonderfully with forest green. This cool blue shade brings out the depth of the darker shades of forest green, making for a beautiful combination. When used together, this deep blue acts as a backdrop to the vibrancy of forest green.

What Colors go with Forest Green in decorating?   green and blue living room

Overall, different shades of blues are an excellent choice for someone who wants to use their own unique style while still remaining sophisticated at the same time when paired with forest green!


Forest green is also complemented by the color pink. This can help to add softness and femininity to the room.

The combination of forest green and pink can create a pleasing look, especially when used with the right accents and tones. Forest green is a deep shade of green that provides an earthy, calming feeling to an interior space or outfit.

Pink is a soft feminine hue that helps to lighten up the atmosphere and balance out the darkness of forest green. When used in tandem, these two colors can create an interesting contrast that makes any room feel alive.

To achieve the best results when using this color pairing, it’s important to select complementary hues of both shades. Shades like olive green, sage, or forest green, and muted rose are great examples that will work together without clashing too harshly.

If you want to add a bit more drama to your design scheme, bright fuchsia pinks will make it pop even more when paired with dark forest greens.

pink and green living room

No matter which shades you choose though, they will always be complemented by one another as long as they are properly placed throughout the space or outfit.

When decorating with this color combination it’s also important to consider how much of each color should be used in order to achieve the maximum effect without overpowering your design scheme.

A good rule of thumb is roughly 60 percent forest green and 40 percent pink – but don’t be afraid to play around with different ratios depending on what looks best for your specific project!


Gold is a great choice for accenting Forest Green. It brings out the warm tones and highlights the coolness of the green as well as providing a bold contrast that will make the space pop.

When decorating with these two colors together, gold creates visual interest by reflecting light off of the dark green walls or furniture. Using gold as an accent color allows furniture details and décor elements to stand out against the rich backdrop of Forest Green while still looking classic.

Gold accents can be used in several ways when decorating with these two colors together. For example, gold hardware or fixtures on dark green walls or furniture create visual interest by reflecting light.

What Colors go with Forest Green in decorating?   gold and green living room

Gold accessories such as throw pillows, artwork frames, and vases are also great additions to any green room.

Finally, the addition of metallic wallpaper is a great way to add texture and elegance to the space without taking away from the warm tones of forest green.


Burgundy is a deep, warm red-purple shade that can be used to create an inviting room with forest green. When paired together, these two bold colors can create an elegant and sophisticated look. Burgundy brings out the richness of the green and adds depth to a space.

Burgundy and green bedroom
Simple poster hanging above bed with many cushions and green blanket standing in bedroom interior with golden furniture

To make it even more striking, pair these two rich tones with white accents or metallic tones like silver or gold for a luxurious effect.

When combined in fabrics, wallpaper, rugs, or other furnishings, this color combination creates a cozy and inviting atmosphere perfect for any home décor style.

Burnt Orange

Burnt Orange and Forest Green are a great pair for interior design. The combination creates an earthy, warm, and inviting atmosphere. Burnt Orange has brownish-yellow undertones that work nicely with the blue and yellow tones of Forest Green. When used together in a room, the two colors can create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

For those looking to incorporate this color scheme in their home decor, there are several options available. For walls, paint one wall Forest Green and use Burnt Orange as an accent color on another wall or on furniture pieces such as chairs or sofas.

What Colors go with Forest Green in decorating?  green and orange living room

Additionally, curtains with both colors can also be used to add a touch of warmth to any room. Or if you prefer something less permanent than paint or curtains, consider adding pillows or throw blankets in both colors. This is an easy way to update any space without overhauling your entire decor scheme.

Finally, using artwork featuring both colors is another option when it comes to pairing Burnt Orange with Forest Green in your home decorating plan.

Look for paintings that feature these two complementary hues side by side or find prints that contain elements of each color throughout the piece.

Light Green

Light green shades such as sage green, lime green, or mint green are great complements to forest green in interior decorating. It is a cool, calming color that adds brightness and warmth to a room.

When used together a green color scheme makes an inviting atmosphere that can be perfect for either classic or modern interior designs.

In order to use both colors in a design scheme, consider how much of each color is needed – too much of one can overwhelm the other and create an unbalanced look.

What Colors go with Forest Green in decorating?
Green living room interior with blue sofa, armchair, wooden cabinet and plants

From walls to furniture pieces and accessories, it’s important to carefully plan out where light and dark greens will appear in the room. For example, pairing light sage carpet with dark emerald upholstery on furniture creates contrast without being overwhelming.


Black and forest green are a classic combination that can be used to create a sophisticated, yet modern look in any interior decorating project. To successfully use these two colors in your design, start by introducing black accents through furniture or wall art.

A black sofa or armchair will make a strong contrast to the bright forest green walls, while framed black-and-white photos can bring an unexpected touch of elegance to the space.

green and black home office area

Additionally, use dark green accessories such as throw pillows and curtains to add depth and texture. When adding more color into the room, consider incorporating lighter shades of green like olive or lime that will work well with both the black and forest green tones.

Be mindful of how much each color you use throughout the room so that it doesn’t become overwhelming.

Finally, complete the look with natural elements such as plants and wood accents for a fresh and inviting atmosphere.

How to incorporate Forest Green into your decor

Forest green is a timeless shade that fits perfectly into many design styles. It can be used to create a boho feel with plants, wooden textures, and natural fibers like jute or rattan. But it’s also versatile enough to be dressed up with velvet or silk textures for a modern look. 

Its ability to fit into both relaxed and elegant space makes it incredibly adaptable – meaning you don’t have to worry about your decor choices going out of style anytime soon!

Textiles such as throw pillows, blankets, curtains, and rugs are great for introducing forest green into any space. Depending on what fabric you choose, these textiles can provide contrast against existing neutral walls. Or they can tie together pieces that already have hints of this hue – creating an effortless harmony within the home.

Another option is adding plants. Not only do they give life and energy to any room with their freshness and oxygen production, but they also can provide shades of greens from light olive to deep emeralds that will help you create an earthy environment.

Another way to incorporate Forest green into your decor is in cabinetry or furniture. This deep earthy color can transform a neutral vanity, built-in shelving, or kitchen cabinets into a beautiful focal point in a room. 

Using this color in this way will give you that “pop” of color that a room desperately needs. 

Avoid using Forest Green in these areas

You should avoid using Forest Green in a room with low natural light as this color will absorb what little light is available. Also, be careful when using a lot of this color in large rooms as it can overpower the space. Instead, use it as an accent rather than as a main color in the room.

Additionally, this color can look unappealing under certain types of lighting — too warm and it can appear dull; too cool and it will take on a bluish tint. To avoid this issue altogether, go for natural or ambient lighting for the best results.

Forest green is a great color to use in your home. Its color is the perfect complement to a lot of the more popular colors in interior decorating today and can be easily incorporated into your home’s style.

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