Garden baby shower theme.

Our family is anxiously awaiting a new baby boy! My older son Kevin, and his fiancé Lauren, are expecting their first baby. It is her families first grandchild, and our 4th. 🙂 So, when Lauren’s mom Linda called me to help with the baby shower, I was super excited!

Our first order of business was to decide on a theme. This was actually easy because Kevin and Lauren LOVE gardening. So, the garden baby shower theme was born. Wait until you see all of the adorable decorating and gift ideas we designed for their garden baby shower theme.

family pic


Meet Isaac

Isaac was born on April 22 and is absolutely perfect!

We are all very excited to have a new family member and are enjoying every minute we get to spend with him.

Mommy and Daddy are both doing well and are settling in at home with Isaac.

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succulent cupcakes for a garden themed baby shower

Garden baby invitations, thank you notes, gift tags

First thing on the list of to-do’s were the invitations. I designed everything in Canva, ordered directly thru them, and it was seamless.

So, keeping with the garden theme, I designed with a fence, trees, and watering can with a wood plank background image. We added some garden terms to the baby theme and came up with some cute sayings like “locally grown baby” and “100% organic.”

Then used the same design throughout the invitation, thank you notes, and gift tags.

We also decided that we were going to do a display shower which basically means that we were asking everyone to bring unwrapped gifts.

While this seemed a little untraditional, it worked out perfectly because Lauren was able to socialize with everyone instead of sitting by herself opening gifts the whole time.

And everyone was able to view all the gifts we displayed and know where they came from with our homemade gift tags that matched our garden baby themed invitations. We gave everyone a tag and a marker when they arrived so they could attach it to their gift.

All I did was use a hole punch in the corner and tied some twine thru so they could either tie it on the gift or use tape to attach it.

Garden baby shower gift tags
Gift tag for unwrapped gifts

And finally, we designed the thank you notes and gave them to Kevin and Lauren so they wouldn’t need to worry about that later on. The pics above are showing the thank you notes unfolded so your seeing the front and back of the card in one image and both sides of the inside on the other.

If you really like the designs and want to customize them for your next baby shower, you can get the templates for free as my gift to you by filling out the form below.

baby shower invitations

Garden baby shower decoration ideas

The most fun we had however, was with the decorations! It was so much fun researching Google and Pinterest for some great garden baby ideas.

Baby Shower Signs

I made signs for different areas of the room such as the food table, the dessert table, and the open bar. I can’t find the exact chalkboard signs I used below but I did find some white chalkboard signs at the knot that are similar. There is also another style that I linked to the LTK image at the bottom of the post. And don’t forget to look at the adorable shovel spoons too!

I used my Cricut and Cricut design space to design and cut the vinyl words for all the signs. And of course staying within the garden baby theme I customized the names of the drinks we served at the bar. You can see more about that further down the post.

Planter Stakes and Herb Boxes for the Garden Baby Centerpieces

This was my favorite project for the decorations. I purchased some chalkboard garden stakes from Amazon and then used my Cricut Explore to design and cut the sayings for each stake. If you want to know more about Cricut cutting machines you can read my post “What is a Cricut anyway?

paint swatch

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Cricut cutting machine on a desk with custom crafts

Look how cute they are! You can see in the last image how we used a combination of the stakes and the “Almost Thyme” label on our wooden boxes that I got at Hobby Lobby. I didn’t see them on their website but I found these wooden planter boxes on Amazon. They are the same 5x5x5 size as the Hobby Lobby ones.

We created the centerpieces by adding a few different fresh herbs, the almost thyme labels, and the plant stakes and placed them on the tables . Then we simply let guests take them home if they wanted them.

Plant stakes in a wooden box for a garden themed baby shower for centerpieces.

Of course we used all garden themed words such as little sprout, baby bloom, heirloom variety, locally produced, baby greens, 100% organically grown, almost thyme, watch me grow, love grows here, and happily grown.

Onesie Clothesline Decoration for Garden Baby Shower

My 14 year-old granddaughter and I had a blast making these garden baby themed onesies for the little one. Again, we used the Cricut and Design Space to make the images and cut them out of HTV. Then we used the Cricut Heat Press to adhere them to the onesies.

We needed to include a “dad joke” onesie because both her dad, and the dad to be, share a daily dad joke of the day. “I Yam!” LOL

I wish I had a better photo of the finished design at the shower. We hung the onesies from a clothesline with cute vintage clothespins in front of the window where everyone could enjoy them. I blocked out the names on the images above. That’s what the white boxes are.

Now not only did we have a cute shower decor idea but it also became a gift as well.

Balloon Arch

My granddaughter also did a balloon arch that I really don’t have a great picture of but we used garden/veggie colors and hung it over the door between the event room and the bar. It really added a much needed pop of color to the room. It was also easy to make. You can get a balloon arch kit or you can buy the pieces separately too.

The first two pictures are of the arch in progress at my house and the last one is the only picture I got from the actual shower. I wish I got a better one because it was really pretty.

Finally, we filled in with miscellaneous garden/farmhouse style decor. I had lots of this type of decor already at my house so I loaded up the car with whatever I had and we used whatever we needed.

I used some boxes and trays for risers on the food table. We also used some wooded crates and 3-tiered stand for the cupcakes on the dessert table. And some stuffed veggies that I got at Target to throw around the tables.

Garden themed baby shower favor idea

Succulents and Tags

For favors we decided on using succulents and Linda put them into little clay pots with twine and onesie tags. They were so cute. The onesie tags were also made with the Cricut and white cardstock.

I didn’t end up using the traditional tags but wanted to show you them as well.

We put all the succulent favors on a built-in shelf at the baby shower. Then we added a baby photo of both of the parents-to-be with them. There was also a table setup right in front of it that ended up being the perfect spot for taking photos of the two of them.

parents to be in front of baby shower favors

Garden themed cupcakes, cookies, and drinks

Succulent Cupcakes

Now originally my granddaughter and I were going to make the cupcakes. But, after two trial runs that pretty much failed miserably, we decided to order them instead.

These cupcakes were incredible! And guess where I ordered them from?…Walmart. Yup. I always loved Walmart cupcakes for the taste but I had no idea that they could do something as detailed and beautiful as these.

I actually went in to see if they sold frosting that I could use myself and while talking with the girl working at the bakery she told me how the cake decorator made some succulent cupcakes that turned out really well.

So, I showed the cake decorator what I was thinking about and she said “Sure, I can do that.” They came out even better than I imagined. Everyone was commenting on them.

So, my advice to you is “Don’t spend a fortune on custom decorated cupcakes from a small bakery.” I got 4 dozen for around $40.

Garden Baby Themed Cookies

We also saw some adorable cookies online while searching for ideas for our baby shower and wouldn’t you know the venue we rented for the shower has it’s own bakery and they said they could make something similar. Yay!

They supplied us with clear cellophane bags and I made some labels that we added to the back and placed them inside a wooden crate for displaying.

Garden Baby Themed Beverages and Baby Bar

When deciding what to serve for our mini bar, Linda came up with two favorite brunch drinks. The Mimosa and the Bloody Mary. But, we had to take it one step further and rename them in the garden/baby theme.

So, the Mimosa became the Mom-Mosa and the Bloody Mary became the Blooming Mary. Much better name for a garden baby shower theme. But seriously, how cute of an idea to have a Bloody Mary for a garden themed drink with the tomato juice and veggies?

Garden themed drinks for baby shower

All I did to customize this sign that Linda already had was use my Cricut again to design the sign with vinyl and gave it kind of a dictionary definition type of look. Here it is propped up against the corner of the bar.

Baby bar idea for a garden baby themed baby shower

Well, I hope you got some really good ideas to throw together your garden baby shower. If you have any cool garden themed ideas please share them below. I’d love to see them! And don’t forget to shop some really cute Garden Party Decor below by clicking the image!

instantly Shop these garden themed items by clicking the ltk image below!

images of baby shower props
paint swatch

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