Ever wonder what the best way is to fold all your socks? It doesn’t matter what type of sock you have. There are many different ways to fold socks together and all you need to do is find the best method for you and your family. No more missing socks here!

I have compiled a list of different folding techniques for all of your pairs of socks including the best methods to organize them. You will learn how to fold socks to save space, how to make sure they stay together, how to fold different types of socks, how to store them, and how not to stretch them.

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How to fold ankle socks or short socks

There are a few ways to properly fold your ankle socks. One way is the KonMari method in which you fold your socks so that they stand up. Place one sock on top of the other sock and fold the sock in thirds starting with the toe and then the ankle side. You should now be able to turn the socks up on its side in your dresser drawers to save space. This method works great if you are using drawer organizers as it will help the socks stand up better.

Another way is the roll and tuck method. Place one sock on top of the other sock and fold it under the ankle section of the top sock. Roll the socks up from the toe and tuck the roll into the bottom ankle section.

How to fold no-show socks

Folding no-show socks is easier than you think. There are quite a few different ways to fold these little socks.

The first idea is the sock roll. Start by putting one sock on top of the other, opening up, and leaving the top sock hanging over the heel of the bottom sock so you can see the opening of the bottom sock.

Now roll the socks up starting at the toe until you get to the opening of the bottom sock. Tuck the roll into the bottom sock opening. You can also put one sock inside the other sock before rolling and tuck the roll into the sock just like when folding.

Another way of the tucking method is to lay one sock face down and then put the second sock, face down, perpendicular to the first sock like a cross. Fold the foot up of the bottom sock over the top sock and then bring in the ankle. Then do the same with the other sock tucking the rest of the sock into the heel of the second sock so it folds neatly into small squares.

Finally, the way I do it is to lay your socks on top of each other than fold the two in half and pull the opening of the top sock back around the rest of the socks.

How to fold baby and toddler socks

There is nothing more frustrating than looking for a matching baby sock! Here are some great ways to fold the baby socks so they stay together and stack neatly.

One way to fold baby socks is to use the fold method. But you’re going to turn one of the socks inside out first. Put the right-side sock on top of the inside-out sock. Fold over the socks and pull the wrong-sided sock over the folded pile so the correct side is facing out.

Another great way for storing baby socks is to simply put one sock inside the other. Just put your fingers inside one sock and tuck it into the other sock and smooth it out. Now the socks can lay flat in the drawer and you won’t ever have to look for the mate.

For toddler socks using the folding method, put the socks on top of each other but flip them toe to top. Then fold over and pull the bottom sock over the socks for a nice neat square.

How to fold knee or dress socks

If you have a bunch of dress socks, the last thing you want to do is stretch them out or have to go looking for the match when it’s time to get out the door. Using the folding method will cure both of these problems.

Place your socks heel up on the table. Fold the heel over so it lays flat. Cross the two socks one on top of the other.

This time you are going to flip up the toe of the bottom sock tightly across the middle. Take the toe of the other sock and bring that up across the middle as well. Then flip the leg section of the other sock over and finish with the last leg section.

Now you will have two flaps sticking out. Fold each of them into the rest of the sock and you will be left with a tight square. This is a great option for keeping your sock pairs together without stretching them out.

Another great idea for tall socks is to use the tuck-and-roll method. Lay your socks on top of each other. Fold under the top of your top sock. Then starting with the toe, roll your sock up to the top and then fold the left-over leg section over the rest of the sock. See images under ankle socks.

If you are worried about stretching, then just roll up the sock without the tuck and stack them neatly in a sock basket or inside drawer dividers. It’s important to put them into something because they will unroll if they’re just sitting in a drawer.

How to fold socks military style

Folding your socks with the military style is a great way to keep your socks together for traveling. Start by laying your socks on top of each other. Roll up the sock from the toe.

When you get to the end, grab the opening of the outside sock and pull it up and over the roll.

How to fold socks without stretching them

The best method to fold socks without stretching them is to use the folding method. This is done by putting your socks on top of each other like a cross. Fold up the toe of the bottom sock toward the middle. Then fold up the ankle.

Do the same for the bottom sock so it folds neatly into a small square. See how to fold dress socks for images.

How to fold socks for travel

The best methods for folding socks for travel are the ones where you are tucking the socks into themselves so they don’t separate during travel. You can use the military style of folding or the roll and tuck.

If you want to save space in your suitcase then place your folded socks inside your shoes to save room.

How to fold socks by sock type chart

Sock storage ideas

Now that you have learned how to fold your socks it’s time to learn some different ways to store them. No more messy sock drawer! No more missing socks in the back of the drawer! Now you have options for storing your socks in an organized way.

The first step is to decide what you have for storage.

If you have drawer space, the easiest way to store your folded socks is in a drawer organizer. This will keep things separated and neat.

If you have a small drawer you may not need to divide it up and can dedicate the whole drawer to just your socks. But if you have a large or deep dresser drawer, then you will need some sock organization.

Try using some shoe organizers or shoe boxes to organize your socks. This idea would be great if you have a lot of socks or a large family.

Take the shoe boxes with you to the laundry room or wherever you fold socks and organize them into boxes for each family member. Then you will have each family member bring the box to their room.

If you don’t have drawer space then a hanging shoe organizer also works well. They tuck neatly into the little pockets and kids can see them easily when choosing their outfit for the day.

shoe organizer to organize your socks

So what’s your favorite way of folding and storing socks? Do you have another idea you’d like to share? Leave a comment below.

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