How to organize, display, and store scarves

Scarves can be a little tricky when it comes to finding a place for them. And to have them handy when you need them. Especially in the winter when those things tend to multiply and end up all over the place. I will show you some great examples of how to organize scarves in a closet or anywhere else you need them.

And there are a few different types of scarves requiring different ways to store or hang them. But either way, you will want easy access to your seasonal accessories and you’ll want to find a great option for your particular scarf storage needs.

pin about hanging scarves

I know with my own scarf collection, every year I vow that I will find a better solution for dealing with the mess. My idea of organizing my scarves was to hang them on the back of my closet door on a coat rack. Boring!

But I have some more interesting ideas for hanging your scarves on the back of your closet door. And also for other areas around your home. So this is it. The ultimate guide to storing and displaying your scarves all season. You’ll see them below…

But first, you will need to decide if you want an open hanging storage solution or a closed method of storing your scarves. And I am listing both for you with lots of ideas for them.

In the warmer months your knit scarves and chunky wool scarves seem to multiply. Before you know it there are a lot of scarves littering up your entryway, hanging off every knob, railing, or simply piling up on the floor.

And in the summer, your delicate silk scarves get lost inside bins and drawers. So there is no better time then now to get your scarf storage solution ready before the chaos hits.

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how to organize scarves

If you need to keep your winter or summer scarves in your small closet, then the best way to fit as many as possible, and have them handy, is to use a multi tiered pants hanger. This way you can place multiple scarves on each rung of the hanger and drop it down to save space.

pants hanger with multi layers

You can also use a regular clothes hanger and tie the scarves onto it. Just make a loop with the scarf, wrap it around the hanger and pull the ends thru the loop.

how to hang scarves in a closet. scarves tied onto a clothes hanger

If you don’t want to tie your scarves, then you can use shower curtain rings on a hanger. If you have a lot of scarves then use the rings on a shower curtain rod, closet rod, or tension rod. Then just slide the scarves thru the loops.

scarves hanging from shower curtain hooks on a  clothes hanger
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Use towel bars and attach them to the back of your closet door. Or you can put them on a wall in your walk-in closet. Then simply hang the scarves over the bar. This is a great way to be able to grab and go on the way out the door.

Another great scarf storage idea for kid’s scarfs and mittens is to hang a clear plastic door shoe organizer on the back of your closet door. Kids can easily just stuff the scarf into a pocket. Then be able to quickly see which one they want as well.

This is also a great way to organize your socks.

how to hang scarves in a closet. plastic shoe storage to organize scarves
From Productive Pete

How about using pieces of PVC pipe and stacking them in a closet or organizing them into a drawer? This is a great way to separate different winter items or even your delicate silks. Just cut a long piece to the size you need and make sure your PVC edges are smooth.


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A hanging closet organizer is another easy way to store your winter scarves. Just fold and stack them in the organizer and hang in your closet from your closet rod.

how to hang scarves in a closet. closet organizer to use for scarf storage

One great solution for storing your scarves out of sight is to use a dresser drawer. If you have a dresser inside your closet, this is a clever way of using the storage space you already have. You can fold them and store them standing on their ends. This will make it easy to find the scarf your looking for. Or, you can purchase some drawer organizers as well to help with keeping the scarfs neat.

organizing scarves in a dresser drawer
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If you don’t have dresser storage then try using closet shelving. You can purchase inexpensive plastic bins and group your delicate scarves by color, or by style, up on a closet shelf. If these bins are clear then even better. Now you won’t have to search thru bins to find the scarf your looking for.

clear plastic bins for storing scarves

Use a small multi drawer unit to organize your smaller silk scarves. If you store your delicate scarves in a container, make sure they can breathe. You don’t want to trap moisture inside and ruin them.

3 drawer organizer for storing your silk scarves

how to display scarves

Speaking of favorite scarves, displaying these scarves in an open area is a great idea. You can literally use the scarves as a decorative display in your home. Here are some more creative ideas and organizational tips for your large collection, or smaller collection of scarves. Your imagination is the limit to your creative scarf display.

Want a simple DIY scarf organizer? Use a beautiful apothecary jar to show off your silk scarves. Display them on your dresser or on an entryway table.

Hang your silk scarves from a clothesline and clothes pins. Just remember to keep them away from direct sunlight so they don’t fade.

Use an old ladder to display your scarves. Just make sure the ladder isn’t rough so it doesn’t snag your scarves.

how to hang scarves in a closet. an old ladder with scarves hanging from it.
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Remember to keep any items you use on a daily basis within easy reach. For those items you may decide to use some type of hanging space. For example like on the back of a door in your closet space, or in the entryway or mudroom. This way you can just grab what you need and head out the door instead of searching for your favorite scarf inside a drawer.

If you are DIYing your scarf display then a great place to start is at your local dollar store or home improvement center! think outside the box!

Of course if you don’t want to DIY your way to scarf organization, you can always purchase a scarf hanger or scarf holder.

After the season is over you should store your scarves away to make room for your the next seasons items. There really aren’t very many storage methods to store scarves. But here are a few expert tips to remember when choosing your scarf storage solution.

how to store your off season scarves

  • The first thing you need to do is clean your scarves before you store them. Moths will love your scarves with perfume and body odors on them!
  • Keep in mind the delicacy of the scarf as to avoid any permanent damage or risk of catching on things like wicker baskets.
  • Be weary of pets, or pests, having access to them.
  • You will also want to avoid possible stretching from hanging. Short term is fine for most.
  • Always consult the tag for care tips for the perfect way to clean and store that particular type of scarf.
  • Store them in plastic storage bags. Roll or fold neatly and place in the bags.
  • Make sure your scarves are perfectly dry. Add a few silica gel pouches inside just to be on the safe side.
  • Then, store away in a dark, dry space.

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