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Making a small room feel bigger is not difficult and hiding clutter is the number one way to make it happen.  But finding storage in your home can be a real challenge if you have limited space.  We’ve all been there… You have to have that new set of dishes you found on sale, or those shoes that were just calling your name.  The problem is once you get them home where do you put them?

It doesn’t take long for your home to feel smaller and smaller with every purchase you make.  And if you are already starting with a small space, you’ll have even a harder time finding storage.  So how do you live in a small space without it looking small?  I’ve come up with 10 ideas to help you get control of the clutter, find every inch of storage space you have, and in turn, how to make a small room feel bigger.

1. Reduce the clutter and purge

The number one most important thing you can do is to purge things you don’t need!  I know you really want that new purse, but do you need to hold on to the other 20 you already have?  Go through your belongings and donate or get rid of at least one for every new purchase you make.  Preferably more than that… at least until you are able to get your items under control.

You can buy new toys for the kids, but you must learn to clean out toys they no longer use, that are broken, or have missing pieces.  I personally would do this when they are not home.  Not to be mean, but you’re aware of what items are favorites and which ones haven’t seen the light of day for a while.  Believe me, you don’t want to do this with them because every item you pull out, they will want!  If you feel too guilty about doing this, then put the items in a box, out of sight, for a couple of weeks, and see if they miss them.  If they don’t ask for them, they go.  Out of sight, out of mind.

clearing toy clutter-how to make a small room feel bigger

For more detailed information on how to get rid of your “stuff” read my post “How to Declutter”

2. Hide as much as you can to visually make the space feel bigger

Once you have purged your belongings you will need to find places for what’s left.  One way to make your space feel bigger is to hide as much as possible out of sight.  Lots of small items in your view will make your room look and feel even smaller than it is.  This is one reason that real estate stagers remove a lot of the clients belongings.  It just makes the space feel bigger and brighter.

Below are some great ideas to hide clutter.  Visually, by putting items behind a curtain, or in a closet, will make the space feel so much bigger.  Try some of these ideas for a quick and inexpensive fix.

multi functional furniture - how to make a small room feel bigger
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3. How to make a small room feel bigger…use multi-purpose furniture

Using furniture that can do double duty does a few things for your small space.  First, whenever you can use one piece for multiple uses, you will save actual floor space in the room.  Second, like I’ll explain below, using fewer pieces will visually make the space feel bigger.

Using a multi-use coffee table like the first picture below, gives you three purposes in one.   First, it functions as an ottoman to put your feet up or for extra seating, second, as a lift up table for eating or working, and third, for extra storage, all in one small space!

The bedroom unit also has many functional aspects in one small space.  A bed, a study space, a bookcase, and storage drawers.  All of these items only take up the space of one bed!  That’s a huge space-saving piece of furniture that would work wonders in a small bedroom!

The third photo is one of my favorites.  Don’t have the room for a side table?  Just add one to the arm of your sofa!  Genius!

As you can see by using furniture pieces that offer double, or triple duty, can save you much-needed floor space and still provide lots of additional, hidden storage.

functional furniture - how to make a small space feel bigger
Photos by:,, and crate and barrel

To learn everything there is to know about decorating, read my post How to decorate like a pro” and get all my insider tips and tricks.

4.  Get things off the floor

The goal for this tip is to be able to see as much of the floor as possible.  When you have lots of things hanging around on the floor it makes the space feel cluttered.  For an example, lets say you have a desk in your office or den.  You have a trash can, cords, some books, and maybe your computer deck under the desk.  It would look busy and messy.  So instead, what if you moved the trash can out of sight, taped up the cords to the bottom of the desk, put the books on your bookcase, and moved the computer deck into a cabinet.  Huge difference!

uncluttered office - how to make a small room feel bigger

5.  Use a few larger pieces and less smaller ones

Ever notice when you visit an elderly person’s house, (that is full of knickknacks and pretty much everything they ever purchased), how cluttered and dark it looks?  The biggest reason is for this is because of the sheer volume of the items in the room.  I’m not judging.  My parents, as well as many other people from our older generation, held onto everything they could simply because of the times.  But, imagine if they rotated items in the room instead of having everything they owned out all at once.

By choosing to use a few large pieces of furniture and larger accessories, rather than a bunch of smaller pieces, will dramatically change how big the room looks and feels.  Look at the examples below.  Both rooms are approximately the same size, but look at the difference in how big they feel.

cluttered living room - how to make a small room feel bigger
uncluttered room - how to make a room feel bigger
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6. Use the walls

Because you have a small space, using the walls will free up limited floor space.  And we already talked about how freeing up floor space is a good way to make the space feel larger.  Try these ideas and use some of the available wall space you have.

  • Instead of having a long dresser in your bedroom, use a taller, thinner one instead.  You have the same amount of storage space but less floor space used.
  • Hang your television on the wall over the fireplace instead of having a separate entertainment center on the floor.
  • Instead of having a lot of items on your kitchen counter how about installing a wall shelf to hold some of it?

Just remember, you don’t want to fill up your walls with lots of “stuff”.  Use only what you need and what looks good.  Put the rest behind doors, cabinets, drawers etc.  You don’t want your space looking like your grandparents do you?  😉

How to make a small room feel bigger pin


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  2. YES! The difference between good design and clutter is that you give your personal items purpose. Grouping like items, like colors, or themes, can make otherwise random items work! Good Job Leah!

  3. I love what you said about keeping like items together. I came to that conclusion over Christmas and it helped so much. Even though I have a lot of different Christmas decorations I kept things that where similar color and theme together. Once I did that it all worked together and I felt like I had way more Christmas decorations then I did because they complemented each other and didn’t distract.

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