Who in their right mind would do an RV renovation on a new travel trailer? ME! Have you ever gone shopping for a new RV or camper trailer? Notice they all have the same 80’s style interiors. I don’t understand it. They hire designers to choose the finishes, so why they are still designing with tans and browns? The lighter grays and whites are so popular right now.

RV renovation after pics FB

I understand that they have to stick with something that appeals to the masses, but honestly how can you go wrong with grays and whites. Those colors will be around a very long time and are so much brighter and more cheerful then the dark browns and tans they have always used. If you’ve ever had a camper you know how dark and gloomy they can be, even when new. Why not brighten it up people?

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If I can’t buy the RV I want I’ll have to renovate it myself

I decided if I couldn’t buy what I wanted then I would just have to do it myself. This is how an RV renovation began on my NEW RV.

My husband and I purchased our new RV and as soon as we got home I got to work. BTW, we purchased ours at our local Campers Inn. While he was outside talking to the neighbor about our new camper, I started removing the aluminum blinds and the ugly, tan, leather and 80’s, fabric cornices. When I started throwing them out the door he was horrified! Of course he asked me what the heck I was doing. When I explained that the decor is just not going to cut it, and gave him my ideas, he relaxed…a little…after telling me I was crazy. 😉

We had just finished a renovation on an older RV that we purchased as a project. And because of that, he was fully aware of what I could do with ugly. I think that helped a lot.

RV renovation images showing after pictures of a farmhouse style renovation on our travel trailer

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The main room RV renovation

After the blinds were removed I got to work painting over the ugly tan/brown wallpaper that was in the bump out. I didn’t mind the wallpaper that was in the rest of the unit, but for some reason they added a different one in the bump out that had more brown in it. Ugh! I wanted to lighten the whole area, so white paint did the trick. So, much brighter. I used a Kilz primer first to make sure that the paint would adhere to the paper and it worked great.

I considered painting the cabinetry but I didn’t hate the wood. Instead of the oak cabinets you usually see, they were a rich brown and had nice gray undertones. So I decided to keep them as they were.


  1. I LOVE what you did! I’m like you! We have a 2020 Bighorn with dark wood. I’m seriously thinking of light gray paints and wallpapers! It so dark. I don’t know why they do that!!?? You gave me some great ideas!!!

  2. Where did you buy the curtain rods and mounts for the dinette and sofa? I have looked everywhere and can’t find ones as low profile.
    We have the same trailer I’m renovating currently, luv the ideas you posted.

  3. How did you keep the island from moving while getting to your camping destination? I have a small white one as well that would be handy, the wheels lock. I have a new trailer and I’d hate for it to slide around or tip over during travel. Love the homey feel that you have.

    1. Thank you Jennesse, I roll the island into the bunkroom and it fits perfectly in between the beds. I lock the wheels and put a pillow betweern the back cabinet and the door and it’s snug in there.

    2. Im sorry Jennessee. I thought I replied to you already. Hmmm. Anyway, Our island has wheels that lock but we slide it into the bunkroom and it fits perfectly in the floorspace. I put a pillow against the cabinet in there and against the island on the door side just in case it moves. It’s a perfect fit.

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