You can still sell your home and decorate for the holidays!

The way we decorate for the holidays is a perfect example of how we should approach staging our homes for sale. The holidays bring the feelings of warmth and coziness, and welcomes family and friends. The very same feelings we want to evoke when we are trying to sell our homes!

Just by hanging a simple wreath on a fence, or your front door, welcomes family as well as potential buyers.  Add a few baskets of mums for color that is always lacking this time of year. Finally a new doormat with fall color finishes off the look.

Your dining room and kitchen are the perfect places

to evoke a feeling of home during the holiday season.

Sell your home during the holidays

Remember the days when you were a kid going to grandma’s house for Thanksgiving; the smells, the delicious home cooked meals, the warm quilts you snuggled up in after dinner? Use these memories to help sell your home during the holidays. Bring back those feelings for your potential buyer by setting the table for an elegant dinner, simmer some cinnamon on the stove, or bake some pies or cookies to set out just before open house.  Bring in a touch of the outdoors with flowers, twigs and berries.

The bedroom can also be a place to stage for that “coming home for the holidays” feeling.

Sell your home during the holidays

Think of a bed and breakfast in the country and mimic that look. Make the room draw them in with a very comfy bed and an antique dresser for storage.  Keep it simple, but add touches of luxury with beautiful throw pillows and warm comfy throws. An old storage truck set on a luggage rack as a bedside table with a lamp and an open book just calls you in.

Every room can be staged to help sell your home during the holidays.

Just remember these simple tips:

Keep it simple… take out what you’re not using.

Make it function… rethink your furniture arrangement to make room to move.

Make it welcoming… add simple touches of warmth.

Bring in color… use flowers, wreaths, berries, etc.

Use all five senses…sight, sound, smell, touch, and taste.

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