Tools every female homeowner should have

What tools should every female homeowner have on hand?  Well, women always ask me what tools I have for small home improvements and what’s in my “bag” that I bring to redesigns or flips.

So, I believe there are some “must have” tools for women who are interested in decorating their homes or for performing minor home improvements.

Read below to find out exactly what I have and why I love them, as well as how and what I use them for.  Get ready to shop ladies!

list of tools every female homeowner should have and why

Here is the list of tools every female homeowner should have…

For your convenience you can click the links to purchase directly from Amazon.  Just about everyone has Amazon Prime now and if not you should definitely look into it!  What’s not to love about finding just about everything you could ever want, at great prices, and get free delivery the next day???  LOVE!!!

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25′ tape measure

Great all purpose tape measure that is perfect for decorating and small home improvement projects.  Love the design too.

Claw hammer

This is one of my favorite tools and it is not a wimpy tool.  This is a full size, durable, hammer that looks pretty too.

Assortment of picture hanging hooks

I always have a container of these on hand for when I change out my artwork and wall accessories.  This is a great assortment at a great price!

Assortment of nails and screws

This is also a great kit to have on hand when the typical picture hanging hooks won’t do.  Believe me, you will always need a spare screw or nail for something.  

Screw gun/drill

I love my Dewalt screw gun!  This gun is the perfect size for my hands.  It’s not too heavy but it’s sturdy and has plenty of power for your home improvement projects.  It’s very easy to use.

A “level it” level to hang artwork

This is not the exact hanging tool I have because they don’t make it anymore 🙁  But this one from Black & Decker is very similar.  It is the greatest invention ever!  Not only can you mark where your hooks need to go but you can make sure it’s level at the same time!  No more guessing where your nails go.  Makes hanging anything super easy!  Must have tool

Graph paper for laying out rooms

You should always have some graph paper on hand for sketching out floor plans and measurements.  Makes scaling a floor plan easy! 

Want to learn how to do this?  Read my post on how to make a floor plan to scale and save precious time and money when you redecorate!


You’ll need these for making notes, drawing floor plans, marking your placement for artwork, jotting down measurements and more.

Painters tape

For any painting project, painters tape will be your best friend for making clean, crisp trim lines.  

Spackle for fixing nail holes

Keep a jar on hand for whenever you redecorate and need to fill in nail holes.  It’s easy to use and is a great DIY product.

Screwdriver with exchangeable bits

This is a great tool to have on hand for many, many uses.  This one is not only handy but looks cute too.

Felt pads for under furniture legs

This felt pad set is a great assortment of sizes for all of your different furniture legs.  Save those floors people!

“Move it” furniture movers for pushing big pieces of furniture

I use these furniture movers all the time and move very large pieces of furniture by myself with their help.  They literally save your back and make moving furniture easy.  Must have!

Furniture crayons to fix scratches

These are great to have in your tool arsenal.  Whenever you get a nick or scratch in your wood furniture, these crayons and markers will make them disappear.  


Save your hands and use gloves to protect you from chemicals, cuts and scratches.


This pliers set assortment is all you need for many basic home improvement projects.  And they’re pink!

Stud Finder

This stud finder is very useful when hanging artwork or looking for studs to hand wall shelves, cabinets and more.  This one detects not only studs but also has modes for metal and electric wires.  You don’t want to drive a nail into a wire!!!

Pneumatic brad nailer

You will need an air compressor for this tool but if your ready to build some furniture, shelving, or other wood crafts, then this tool should be in your bag.  This is my favorite tool and I use it all the time!

For a complete starter kit for women this is a great set

Seen in the image above…I own this set too!  This is a great starter set and by that I don’t mean quality wise, I mean for a basic set of tools.  And it comes with the cute bag to hold it all.


When shopping for tools tools that every female homeowner should have look for smaller scaled items made just for women’s smaller hands.  Also, check out the cool tools that come in pink, orange, and lime green just for fun. Finally, don’t forget to pick up a tool box or bag to hold all of your new tools so they are ready for you when you need them.

list of tools every female homeowner should have and why

After you purchase your new tools try them out by making your own DIY farmhouse style light fixture or more of our DIY and craft projects here.

Want to redesign your home using your new tools?  Read this post titled “how to redesign your home, in one day, without spending a dime”.  You will put your new tools to good use!

I hope this list of tools every homeowner should have will help you to create the home of your dreams…and look good doing it! 🙂

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  1. I have most of these already, except for Nail Brad and air compressor. I don’t put furniture together or hang shelves.