How to make a guest room cozy

I love having guests stay with us.  Although it doesn’t happen often, when it does I really enjoy trying to make them feel like they are in a home away from home.  We live in a split-level home that used to be a 3-bedroom, 1-bath home.  But, over the 35 years that we have been here, it has changed many times and is now currently a 1-bedroom, 2-bath home. You know kids left and walls came down. 😉

So having guests stay with us is a little bit of a challenge not having a spare bedroom.  But we make it work.  My point is that you don’t have to have a designated guest space to welcome guests into your home, you just have to have a welcoming space.

And a great way to make that space cozy and welcoming is to make your overnight guests feel like they’re staying in a beautiful hotel room. To do that you want to always think of the little things.  You know, when you’re on vacation and you get all excited about the chocolates on the pillow or those little bottles of free bath products?  Well, you can give your guests that same feeling when they are staying in your home.  It’s all of the thoughtful touches that make your dedicated guest room, or space, a welcoming retreat for your family and friends.

Here are some great options for making your guests feel at home with my “how to make a guest room cozy” ideas.  

How to create a cozy and welcoming guest room

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Bedding and Linens to make your guest room cozy

Bedding and guest linens are crucial elements in creating a cozy and inviting guest room. Soft, high-quality, crisp white sheets can make the bed look luxurious and comfortable.  Opt for high-quality sheets with a high thread count, as they are softer to sleep on and will last longer. Natural fibers like cotton or linen are also great choices as they are breathable and can regulate temperature well.  Give your guests some fresh clean sheets so when they snuggle in for the night they will be greeted with a nice clean smell.

Always include extra pillows and if possible, different softness of pillows so they can choose which ones will be most comfortable for them. This is a big one for me.  I only like feather pillows while my husband sleeps with the flattest pillow ever!  When we go on vacation and I have to sleep on a stiff pillow, my neck is killing me the next day.  That’s no fun on vacation!   So having a variety of pillow types (e.g., soft and firm) can ensure that your guests can have a good night’s sleep.

Adding extra blankets, throw pillows, and throws can also add warmth and coziness to the room. Choose materials that feel luxurious like velvet, faux fur, or chunky knit but also consider durability so they can withstand frequent use. There is something about a beautiful blanket draped across the foot of the bed that just speaks luxury. And it offers another layer of warmth if needed.

cozy bed with blankets and coffee for creating a cozy and welcoming guest room

When choosing bedding for your guest room, consider investing in a down comforter with a duvet cover for added warmth during colder months.  They are just so fluffy and comfortable and make an amazingly cozy bed.

Finally, don’t overlook the importance of fresh, fluffy towels and washcloths. Providing your guests with soft, absorbent, fresh towels in a neutral color scheme can add to the overall feeling of relaxation and comfort and give a spa-like feeling.  Think about having some new towels on hand just for guests so they stay crisp and white.  


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Furniture and Decor for an inviting guest space

When it comes to creating a cozy and welcoming guest room, furniture plays an important role. Start by selecting a comfortable bed. A beautiful bed will go a long way, but the mattress is what will make it comfortable.  Consider investing in a comfortable mattress or using a memory foam topper for added comfort.  If you only have a sleeper sofa then consider upgrading that mattress to increase your guest’s comfort.

If your using an inflatable mattress then adding a topper can help it feel more luxurious and comfortable.  Funny story:  We invited my brother and his wife to stay with us at our camp during our Halloween weekend.  Well, we have a  lot of company that weekend and needed to come up with additional sleeping arrangements.  

So, we put a blow-up mattress with a side table, chair, lamp, and fan on an extension cord, and some comfy blankets and pillows inside the storage trailer we towed with all of our Halloween decor inside. We also added one of those sticky hanging door screens to the side door so they could have some fresh air.  He said it was awesome!  Just goes to show you it isn’t where your guests sleep, it’s how well you make them comfortable. LOL 🙂

Choose a bedside table or nightstand on each side of the bed or sofa for your guests to have a place to put their personal items. This is a great place for water bottles, cell phones, medicines, a book, an alarm clock, and anything else your guests need.

Nightstand table with alarm clock and sign for creating a cozy and welcoming guest space

And maybe even a bench at the end of the bed for dressing and undressing or to put their suitcase.  

A tv console with a tv is also another nice touch.  I know I love to watch tv in bed. It’s also another piece of furniture that can be used for clothing storage for your guests. 

If your guest is on a working vacation, make sure they have a spot to work.  You don’t need to supply them with a home office, but maybe a small space with a desk and chair with wifi or even a bed tray so they can get some work done.  

And if you have room, a nice comfy side chair or recliner with a lamp would be a cozy addition for your guests to relax with a good book or watch tv.

Lighting and Ambiance make all the difference

When selecting lamps for your guest room, opt for those with warm light bulbs rather than cool ones as it creates a cozy ambiance that promotes relaxation and comfort. Make sure that the lamps are placed strategically in areas where guests will be spending most of their time such as near bedside tables or seating areas.


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Moreover, don’t forget to consider natural lighting as well. If possible, incorporate window treatments that allow natural light to enter during the day while still providing privacy at night. A well-lit guest room can easily transform into a cozy and inviting space that your guests will surely appreciate and enjoy during their stay. 

Essential Amenities for all your guests

There are a few things that all guests can use and oftentimes forget to bring with them.  So, it would be nice if you had some spares just in case of emergency.  Providing them with all the essentials they need will ensure they have everything necessary for a comfortable stay in your home. 

Storage space is important, such as closet space or drawers for your guests’ belongings.  You don’t need a guest room closet but just a place for them to hang or store a few items if needed.  

Our guests stay in our downstairs family room on a pull-out sofa so we don’t have a closet in that room.  But, the adjoining bathroom, which is also our laundry room, has a bar hanging from the ceiling for drying my clothes.  So, guests can use that space to hang up their clothes while they are here.  We also have a mirrored dresser in the family room that is used for extra clothes for our grandchildren when they stay over.  So, I always have a few empty drawers for guests if they need them. 

But, you can even use a couple of empty shelves if that’s all you have or at least a place for them to open their suitcase like on a folding luggage rack or bench.

clothes hanging from a closet rod

Wi-fi password – Supply your guests with the home’s wifi password so they can get online to work or check emails and social media.  One way to do this is to print out the password on a decorative piece of paper and frame it to sit on a table or on the wall.  Or you can get a cute whiteboard or chalkboard to write it on.  Or you could even write or type a welcome letter and include things like passwords, how to use electronics, or even where the snacks and drinks are. 

wifi password sign in chalk for quests

Supply electronic essentials like an alarm clock, phone charger, remote controls, or even a smart-home device.  You know what it’s like to forget your phone charger!

You want your guest room to feel comfortable whether it’s hot or cold.  So having a separate zone for heating and cooling would be amazing.  But if that is not an option make sure to offer a fan or second heating option like an electric fireplace or space heater to make sure they are comfortable.

Easy access to a guest bathroom is essential.  You don’t have to have a room with its own bathroom but having access to a second bathroom nearby should be a priority if possible.  At our home, our laundry room/2nd bathroom is right outside the guest/family room so our guests have their own private area on the lower level.  

However, we had a bunch of guests the last time and needed to have one person set up in our living room which only has access to our main bathroom which is also our master.  I don’t mind sharing this space but I feel like it could make my guests a little uncomfortable when they need some privacy.  So, if at all possible make your guest area in a spot where they can have their own private bath area.

Provide your guests with toiletries they may have forgotten while packing.  I always put out Q-tips, trial-size shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, deodorant, feminine care products, body wash, and pain relievers, in a cute tray or basket.  I always have extra of these available anyway for when packing for our own vacations.

And finally, access to a mirror for dressing and grooming.  A full-length mirror is a plus so your guests can check their outfits when going out for the evening.

basket of toiletries for a guest bath

Adding unique touches that showcase your unique hospitality

Adding some personal touches such as photos of family members or artwork on the walls is always a nice touch. Think about what your current guests would like that is personal to them to make them feel at home.  With social media now we can find photos of just about anyone to print and frame at a moment’s notice.

Place a stack of good books on a small table or on a bookshelf for them to enjoy while visiting.

You can also incorporate some greenery such as potted plants or fresh flowers to bring life into the space as well as beautiful knick-knacks or even a scented candle.  Just make sure to keep it minimal.  You don’t want your guests to feel like the room is cluttered.

With these simple furniture and decor tips, you can easily create a cozy and inviting guest room that will leave your visitors feeling right at home during their stay. 

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