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Are you not using Pinterest because it’s too much work? Or, are you not using Pinterest because your not a designer and your worried you can’t make beautiful pins on your own? Maybe you do use Pinterest, but you can’t keep up with all of the changes they keep rolling out. Well, fret no more! Tailwind just introduced a whole new game changer called


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Pinterest is one of the main drivers of traffic to my blog, Our Repurposed Home, with the second being SEO thru Google. That is a huge chuck of awesomeness every month!

But, with that comes a lot of work, especially since Pinterest keeps changing up their algorithms wanting us to pin more and more every day. Now with Tailwind I can plan out a whole month’s worth of pins in one sitting, and they will publish my pins at the best times for my audience.

Pinterest pin for Tailwind Create with pretty centerpiece on a table
This Pin made with Tailwind Create!

And, that’s not all! With Tailwind%20Create” target=”_blank” rel=”sponsored nofollow noopener” data-lasso-id=”1009″>Create! All of the designs are optimized specifically for Pinterest and customized for my brand. Watch how I can take one post, with a few images, and generate hundreds of designs with the click of a button! Then I can filter, customize, and choose which ones I want to schedule all in the same platform. And believe me when I say you don’t have to do much, if anything, to the pins it creates!

Watch how quick and easy it is to discover hundreds of new pins with Tailwind Create! The hardest part is choosing which ones to schedule. 
Tailwind Create Pin image
This is an old pin that I created BEFORE tailwind create 🙁

Why I love Tailwind Create for Pinterest

Here are just a few of the awesome reasons I love this new program so much.

  • Each design was built with Pinterest’s best practices in mind. This is huge because you know how Pinterest doesn’t like using many platforms outside of them.
  • Every image is unique and made just for you. You can generate, personalize, and fine tune pins to drive traffic to your new and old content. Need to make new pins? They are literally just a few clicks away!
  • The designs are really beautiful and more creative then I could have ever done myself. And there are hundreds to choose from for every post you choose.
  • I don’t waste any more time downloading, organizing, or uploading my Pins! And I don’t need to use another graphics program to make my pins anymore. I can do it all in Tailwind Create.
  • You can automatically apply your brand preferences as well, and when you populate your pins they will already be there. But, you can always tweak things later too!
  • You are able to download your designs to your own computer if you wish.
  • It’s literally as easy as 1,2,3. 1. Enter your URL. 2. Choose the images you want to include in the designs. 3. Click create images! That’s it! And you’ll have hundreds of pins to choose from!

So if you have been hesitant about using Pinterest, or Tailwind, don’t wait any longer to get into the game. Tailwind Create has literally made designing and uploading new pins so quick and easy!

Want to see more pins that users have created with Tailwind Create, including some of mine? Check out their member template gallery.

Try Tailwind Create with their free trial

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Seriously, if you tried Tailwind before, but just didn’t know if it was worth the money, you have to try it with Create! It’s such a game changer!

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