Fall Entryway Decor

Decorating for fall is one of my absolute favorite things to do. Well, at least it’s my favorite time of year to decorate. And new fall entryway decor is the best way to give that lasting first impression.

The fall season is perfect for giving your home that “come in and sit down” kind of feel. With the cozy throws, warm and welcoming colors, and the start of your winter layering, it just draws people in.

In this post I’ll show you my farmhouse entryway that I have decorated this fall, and give you some tips to make the best of your home’s entryway. And, as always, I decorate with a small budget in mind so you can do this too.

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Mix old and new to create a new look for your fall entryway

Mixing old and new can help you achieve a homey and welcoming space and give your guests a great first impression.

I always try and incorporate a few new pieces mixed in with my old ones. Just moving things around and not doing the same thing every year will make the space look new. But who doesn’t love to pick out a few new statement pieces?

In this room, I purchased a new rug, buffalo check window treatments, and the curtains. But everything else I already had and just moved around or used in a different way.

Choosing your fall color scheme in your fall entryway

In my fall entryway decor plan, I have decided to use gray, orange, and yellow as my primary fall colors.  I pulled this color scheme from the curtains which I purchased at a thrift store. 

Using a pattern from curtains, a rug, or artwork, is a great way to incorporate a color scheme. Just pick three colors from the print, choose one for your primary color and use the other two as accent colors.

fall decorating entryway

You can see how I used mustard yellow as a prominent color in this room. It’s in the cabinet, the curtains, and the throw pillows. I also used gray throughout the room. You’ll see this color in the chair, window treatments, and the pumpkin. And my final color, orange is in the curtains, pillows, and the florals.

By using lots of white or other neutrals in the space, it allows the colors you choose to pop.

Fall entryway table decor

In this arrangement I used a felt pumpkin and a distressed wooden candlestick, and a sunflower I pulled off of a artificial stem that I already had.  I propped them up on some books to give them some height and also to group them into one design element.

fall decorating tablescape

It’s easy to make a great fall table decoration. Just remember to group smaller items together to make one, more prominent, display like I did above. Use books or other box-like item to prop up the rest of your decor and give it more height.

And just like with every season, use groups of odd numbered items. Three is ideal to the eye and keeps the arrangement from looking too cluttered. You’ll notice that the books hold the three items, the pumpkin, the flower, and the candlestick. But I did use three books as well. 🙂

Use wood to warm up your fall entryway decor

I made this bench which sits on the left as you come through the front door and I love how the dark stain warms up the space in a room with all white walls.  Funny note:  I asked my husband if he would please put his shoes in the yellow cabinet when he takes them off so the room would stay nice. He looked at my boots and said “Well then you’ll have to put your boots away too.”  LOL  He thought I was joking when I said they were there for decoration. ha ha

fall decorating entryway

You can add wood in other ways as well such as your floors, baskets, artwork, and other accessories.

fall decorating entryway

Make your design work for you

There are two weird cubby spaces on each side of the stairs that I never know what to do with.  I’m thinking of adding shelves but just not sure.  For now, my pumpkin stack fits nicely. 

In the photo above you will see a cool old tie hanger that I use for keys.  I could have hung something more decorative on them but this is real life and I like having my keys accessible by the door.  Maybe I’ll at least get rid of the key on the owl lanyard. 🙂

The point is, use what you have, and use items in different ways then what they are intended for. Especially with the farmhouse style. It’s all about using the old with the new.

fall decorating entryway

Add personal touches to your fall entryway

A really good friend of mine bought me the sign that says “Be Our Guest” in the photo above.  She knows how much I love Disney World and it fits perfectly in my fall entryway.  I LOVE IT

Your home should always reflect who you are so be sure to incorporate little personal touches everywhere.

fall window arrangement

The wooden numbers in the window below are my street numbers for my address.

entry way numbers window decorating

The hydrangea bouquet came from my own hydrangea bush right outside the front door.

fall decorating entryway

Now get out there and see what you can come up with this year for your new fall entryway decor. Here are some inspiration pieces from Amazon to inspire you.

floral, glass and wood sconce from Amazon
cotton wreath
white vase with white roses
Galvanized metal farmhouse shelves
rustic wood entry shelf with hooks
wood and black entry bench
black welcome home sign for front porch
Textured natural woven rug
buttery yellow throw with fringe

If you have any questions please feel free to comment below.  Thanks for visiting.

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