How to transform your bathroom from so-so to Boho in a weekend

If you feel like your bathroom is missing the “oomph” factor, it may be time for a boho bathroom transformation. If you’re looking to turn that so-so space into something truly special, Boho design ideas are the perfect place to start. With some simple steps and a bit of creativity over a weekend, you can turn your bathroom into an aesthetic paradise!

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What is Boho Style

Boho is short for bohemian and is a free-spirited approach to design that often incorporates vintage items and eclectic colors. It has become increasingly popular in the home decor space, especially when it comes to bathrooms.

Boho style is all about embracing beauty in imperfection and having fun with color schemes and patterns for an eclectic look. A great way to create a bohemian bathroom design is to consider adding pops of color in unexpected places. Try this on walls, furniture pieces, or accessories such as towels, bath mats, curtains, or shower curtains.

It’s also important to incorporate natural elements like wood accents or green plants to create an inviting atmosphere. Baskets, flower pots, mirrors, artwork, and lighting are also key components of this earthy bathroom design aesthetic. These items can really bring the look together.

boho bathroom close up pic about transforming your boring bathroom into a beautiful boho bathroom

Boho bathroom Color Scheme

When designing a bathroom, an important factor to consider is the color scheme. The color palette for this style usually consists of muted earthy tones like olive green, burnt orange, and terracotta red. All of which can be blended together perfectly or used alone for an eye-catching look.

The combination of these tones will provide you with a cozy, welcoming atmosphere that not only looks beautiful but also feels calming.

I decided on Sherwin Williams “Cilantro” for my vanity and accent wall. I love the rich tone of this color and it makes a great backdrop to the white wall accessories. It also contrasts nicely with the Spoonflower wallpaper I chose.

Sherwin Williams Cilantro paint color chip for your boho bathroom update

But, if you’re looking for a more dramatic flair for a chic bathroom, add a vibrant shade of blue or teal to your neutral and earthy backdrop for some lush flair.

If your bathroom has room for furniture, consider painting furniture pieces, or your vanity as I did. These colors can give them an updated look if needed. To enhance this look further, add bright and bold colors via accessory pieces such as rugs or your shower curtain.

Furnishings and Fabric for your boho bathroom

The Boho style is all about creating a laid-back and relaxed, yet stylish vibe in your home. With its emphasis on natural materials, textured fabrics, and light and/or bold colors, it’s easy to bring a touch of bohemian into any room in the house.

One space where Boho elements can really shine is the bathroom. Textures and fabrics are used to create a unique look.

Using woven textures and natural materials like wood shelves, jute or heavily textured rugs, and rattan, or wicker elements like baskets or flower pots, give off an overall look of effortlessness and chicness that sets off this style perfectly.

I added a long, low shelf from an antique live edge board I had in another room. I love the imperfectness of this board and how it warms up the room and gives me a great place for accessorizing. Then I purchased 3-12″ long metal plumbing pipes with their matching flange and caps to use for the shelf brackets.

Wall Art: Bold Patterns, Global Cultures Inspiration

Artwork is an important part of any interior design. Geometric patterns are a popular choice for many different cultures around the world. These patterns often represent aspects of the culture, such as its values, beliefs, and customs.

When it comes to creating a bohemian look in your bathroom, then taking inspiration from these global cultures can be an effective way to breathe life into the room.

Geometric patterns are characterized by their bold shapes and bright colors that draw attention to any space. Traditional tribal motifs found in African culture to intricate mandalas found in Indian culture. There’s a pattern out there for everyone.

peach colored poppy artwork for a boho bathroom update

I chose one small piece of artwork in a simple but contrasting color to lean on my bathroom shelf. I love how it adds a little bit of interest to the sea of green I created. I’ve included a link above which is all Amazon Prime eligible, 4 star+ reviews, and all under $100.

Consider introducing artwork featuring these dynamic designs into your boho bathroom décor. This gives you a unique touch that will make you feel like you’re traveling around the world no matter where you are.


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boho bathroom Lighting: Soft and Natural Illumination

Bathrooms are a haven for relaxation and recharging. To make them even more inviting, try incorporating lighting to create an airy atmosphere. Natural light is often the best source of illumination. But if you don’t have windows, you can still achieve a soft glow with the right lighting fixtures.

One way to bring natural light into your bathroom is by installing skylights. If that’s not an option, try adding mirrors on one side of the room. This will reflect what natural and existing light sources you do have.

If don’t have any natural light sources, consider using low-hanging pendant lights that cast a warm ambiance around the entire space. Choose bulbs with lower wattage to create an intimate feel that’s both inviting and romantic.

Wall sconces are also great for providing accent lighting along walls. Directing the light up will give you a dramatic effect on the ceiling. But directing them down can be a great source of task lighting over your vanity.

A combination of different lighting options is best. Wall sconces, pendant lighting, and general overhead lighting on dimmers will give you a lot of options for setting the mood in any given room.

Lighting is one of those things that has a huge impact on a space. But you don’t really notice unless it’s not quite right. Use your lighting options for effect and as a place to add some color and personality. My existing vanity lights worked perfectly with the new design. I purchased them thru Shades of Light years ago and I don’t think they have them anymore. 🙁

They have the best and most unique lighting I have ever seen at very reasonable prices.


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Boho bathroom decor ideas

If you’re looking for ways to refresh your bathroom, focusing on these boho decor touches is an easy way to give it a makeover, without having to undertake any major renovations.

Rattan, macrame, and plants are all popular pieces for adding a bit of bohemian chic that won’t break the bank.

Rattan is an ideal addition for giving your bathroom some earthy vibes. From Handwoven wall hangings and baskets to light fixtures and mirrors, there are many stylish rattan accents available that can be used in almost any boho-inspired design.

My whole design idea started with some inexpensive rattan flower pot baskets I found at the Target dollar spot. I tried to find them online but couldn’t. So check your local Target.

Boho style bathroom update with wallpaper, live edge shelf, and lots of plants

Macrame is also very popular right now. Whether you choose neutral or brightly colored pieces, these accessories add texture and visual interest while still keeping the space feeling light and airy. Macrame plant holders are especially popular right now and look amazing in a boho bathroom.

Plants are a must-have in your boho rooms. They add a natural, organic touch to the space and give it a unique, yet calming atmosphere. Not only do plants bring life into your room, but they can be incredibly low maintenance. Just choose the right variety or go with real-looking artificial ones. Nearly Natural has some great boho chic plants and accessories.

With various shapes, sizes, and textures, you can truly make your bathroom look brighter and more alive with some greenery!

Whether you choose to hang them from the ceiling in a macramé holder or display them on shelves in woven baskets, you can create an earthy vibe that will breathe new life into your bathroom. You can even use plants to add texture and vibrancy against neutral-colored walls.

Don’t forget the small details. Add touches of whimsy with some different pieces of art or accent pieces, and candles placed on shelves and ledges around the room.


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Conclusion: Create a bohemian style bathroom in as little as a weekend

Decorating a bathroom with a relaxed, boho aesthetic doesn’t have to be complicated or time-consuming. With the right plan and budget in mind, you can add a new chic style to your bathroom. And the best part is it can be done in as little as a weekend.

By following these design ideas, you can easily breathe life into your big or small bathroom with an inviting boho look.

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