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Getting organized is always a good idea, but doing it in style is even better. I have found some the best organization products for your home that are both super functional and good looking. There are a lot of organizational products out there they do their job, but why not choose products that work with your homes style at the same time.

Most people declutter and organize to make their home look and function better. So buying products that work with your homes interior will give you a cohesive look and make your home look and feel bigger while getting organized at the same time.

So whether your looking for stylish storage for your kitchen, bath, office, or car, I’ve got you covered!

pretty produce bags for organizing

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Trolly Shopping Bags

Organize your groceries right from the checkout with bags that fit inside your cart. Includes a thermal bag for your cold foods and an egg and wine bag with storage pockets. They sit flat in your trunk and allow you to add more stuff to make less trips to your kitchen.

These heavy duty organization bags hold up to 50lbs of groceries in each bag and fold up neatly when your not using them. They are machine washable and fit most standard shopping carts. And the best part is they are pretty and come in multiple colors and sizes.

shopping cart with trolly bags to show how to organize your shopping trip

Rubbermaid Brilliance plastic containers for storage

Rubbermaid Brilliance

These clear plastic containers are so beautiful. The plastic is so clear and well, “brilliant”, and allow you to see exactly what’s inside with a quick glance.

The lids have rubber bumpers that seal completely and lock tight to prevent spills and keep air out.

And they stack perfectly to keep your fridge and cabinets neat and organized.

Reusable silicone storage bags

Make storing food quick and easy with these stand up plastic storage bags. I love putting food into ziplocked bags before I freeze them. It saves so much space when you can lay food flat and stack before freezing.

These colorful plastic storage bags are BPA, PVC, Chloride and Lead FREE. Leak proof, easy to seal, freezer safe and easy to clean.

colorful silicone storage bags

wall mounted toothbrush holder to organize your bathroom

Wall mounted toothbrush holder

Get your products off the counter and get a cleaner look with this wall mounted toothbrush and product holder. Right now I have my daily products on my counter in a decorative basket, but I would much rather have that extra counter space.

Includes a product shelf for all your daily products, a cubby for your hairbrush or razor, and a drawer for smaller items like hair accessories and makeup. This is truly one of the best organizational products for the bathroom.

Oriental style rug mousepad, coaster, and bookmarks

What a great way to take some functional items and make them pretty. I have quite a few of these and absolutely LOVE them. They are so beautiful and great quality. I have even used them inside my doll house as room, runners, and area rugs!

There are many beautiful replica rug designs available. This is a set of three, but you can buy these separately in many colors and styles.

Oriental rug designs on mousepads, drink coasters, and bookmarks

Paint chip calendar for the designer in your life

Paint chip calendar

This is a great gift for the interior decorator enthusiast or painter in your life. And if you love color, you’ll love this calendar. Each month features a different color scheme of paint chips. So cute.

Cotton fishnet farmers market bags

A great alternative to paper and plastic bags. These adorable 100% cotton bags are great for food and produce. And they look cute too! I can just see myself matching the bag to my outfit LOL

Cotton fishnet farmers market produce bags in multiple colors

3 file wood wall organizer

3 file wood hanging wall organizer

Add a little farmhouse style to your home with this wall organizer made for mail, files, magazines, and other documents. You could just use one of those black plastic wall files but why would you do that when you can make this functional item look amazing in your room?

Digital Kitchen Food Scale with Bowl and Measuring Cup

No need to have separate measuring cups and a scale for liquids and solids. Now you can have it all in one good looking product. Perfect for dieters who need to measure and weigh foods. I have already ordered one for myself. Time to get start eating well again!

digital kitchen food scale with bowl and measuring cup

white textured ceramic canisters

Large white textured ceramic canisters

With a honeycomb and lattice design with wood tops, these canisters will look beautiful on your counters or in your organized pantry. There are many more designs available as well. Check them out.

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