Every year our seasonal campground hosts a “Christmas in July” celebration.

Our resident camp “craft lady” Dolly, is the one who started this tradition. I’ve seen how creative Dolly can be while helping with her weekly kids craft projects and I can’t wait to see what she does.

Everyone knows me as the “Halloween Lady” because I host the campground’s Halloween celebration every year. But, I am ready to take on the world of Christmas!

The Christmas in July celebration consists of a site decorating contest to see who makes the most creative Christmas campsite. And this year the owner is obtaining an outside judge so everyone who participates has equal opportunity to win. The prize this year for the best decorated site is a $50 restaurant gift certificate! Sweet!

Update! Guess who won 1st prize? 🙂

pinnable image of christmas in july at our campground

The Christmas in July theme

So, our theme, I always have a theme, is “Larger then life Christmas”. My plan is to make all of my decorations huge so that they feel “Larger then life!”

Making the Ornaments

I started with our Christmas ornaments. Because it was Christmas in July we tried to think of summer items we could use to make Christmas decorations. My Granddaughter and I went to Walmart and purchased a bunch of the largest bouncy balls we could find. We were lucky to find some that already had designs we could use. Score!

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To make the balls into ornaments we spray painted some clear plastic snack cups silver. Then we glued them onto the top of the balls with Beacon Quick Grip. When they dried, we drilled two holes in the cups then ran fishing wire thru them to hang them from the trees. Update: A couple of the cups didn’t hold. So, we added a second fishing wire around the ball and above the cup for added support. The fishing wire is invisible so it didn’t change the decoration at all.

The Candy Canes

We made large candy canes out of pool noodles to line the entryway and draw in the crowd. This was so easy. First, I coiled some decorative duct tape around the noodles. Then, we bent the ends over and secured them with clear fishing string. That’s my youngest grandson in his Olaf costume 🙂

To stand them up we took small wooden dowels and pushed them into the ground. Then just slid the noodles over them. Easy-Peasy!

For the final touch my granddaughter made some paper chains out of red construction paper. Then she strung them from candy candy cane to candy cane.

Santa’s Toy Bag

The big focal point of the decorating was our Santa’s bag. I wanted to make a huge bag with presents so I could see the kid’s faces when they walked in.

I made this using part of a frame from my plastic greenhouse. It was basically two rectangle sections that I put together to form a large rectangle. To make it look like it was full of toys, I used whatever I could find from around the campsite and taped and tucked it around the frame. I literally had life jackets, crumpled up paper, packing material from Amazon and a deflated pool float. LOL

Then I wrapped the whole thing with red plastic tablecloths. I topped it off with a large present sticking out of the top. For the finishing touch I wrapped a white tablecloth around the bottom of the present. I added another one that I tied into a bow. People said they thought it was a chimney! LOL I never thought of that. HA HA

Very Large Christmas Presents

Another idea for the larger than life theme for Christmas in July was to make very large Christmas gifts. All we did was wrap large boxes with Christmas paper and placed them around the site. To save wrapping paper we made sure to only wrap parts of the boxes that people would see. Luckily, I had lots of Christmas paper that wasn’t my favorite so it was perfect for this project.

The S’moresmen

We decided to give out gifts, so the grandchildren and I made snowmen smore’s. This was a fun…and messy project but they came out sooo cute.

I love this idea because not only is it Christmas themed, but also camping themed! 🙂 Win-win.

We made them from marshmallows, graham crackers, Hershey’s chocolate bars, marshmallow fluff, licorice, edible pens, and orange fish candy. Then we wrapped them in plastic treat bags and tied them with green yarn. They came out so adorable.

S'moresmen for christmas in july celebration

If you’d like to know how to make the snowmen, you can get the directions on my resources page here.

pin of S'moresmen for our christmas in july celebration at camp

The Christmas Pool Float Wreath

We decorated the snack table with a pool float wreath. This was the easiest project. All we did was blow up a pool float. Then we added a bow which we made from scraps left over from making the paper chains.

pool noodle wreath for our christmas in july at camp

The Finishing Touches

Finally, we decked out the rest of the site with Christmas lights, paper chains, and a light show. We used one of those inexpensive projectors you see at the dollar store.

scene of our christmas in july campsite

Christmas in July From Around the Campground

In conclusion, here are some other great moments from our Christmas in July Celebration from around the campground.

Don’t you just love the camper inflatable? So cute.

We has such a really great time this year! I can’t wait to see what everyone brings for next year! 🙂

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