I am re-evaluating my craft room organization and am starting with organizing my craft paint and paint supplies. Before, I had them stored in a round tiered tray that sat on my desk. But, I am kind of tired of looking at all the clutter and was looking for the best way to store paints out of sight. I’m not a frequent painter so I really don’t need my paint collection nearby, but I still want to have easy access and have them look good too. So while researching I have found some great craft paint storage ideas to share with you.

Craft paint storage ideas

But before you go out and buy some new containers, remember that the most important thing to keep in mind is to find the right craft paint storage ideas for your space. You’ll want to take inventory of all your bottles of craft paint so you will know just what kind, and how much organization you will need so you have enough room to store them. You will also need to either keep your paint inside their original containers or find an airtight container to store the leftovers in. I have some ideas for this further down the page.

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Fortunately, there are many different ways and different options to store your acrylic paints, fabric paints, or many other types of craft paint, including one I decided to go with, spice racks.

Spice Racks for Craft Paint Storage

Using spice racks is a great idea if you are storing your paints in a drawer. I had a drawer that wasn’t being utilized and the adjustable spice racks fit perfectly inside and allowed me easy reach for my future projects. It literally makes me smile when I look in the drawer. This option is great if you don’t have much paint to store but you can always purchase more spice racks and attach them together to make a much bigger collection. The ones I used come as a set of 6. Thank you to Lifwit for supplying the spice racks and drawer organizers for my new paint organization project. #sponsored.

Drawer Organizers for Craft Paint Storage

I am also using some pieces from a drawer organizer set to organize my paint brushes and other misc. paint supplies that don’t fit on the spice rack.

Use Empty Plastic Bottles for Left Over Paint

You can purchase empty clear acrylic paint bottles or plastic squeeze bottles to store your paint stash. I have also seen empty toiletry bottles at the dollar store that would work great for small amounts of leftover paint.

PVC Pipes for Craft Bottle Storage

Using PVC pipe sections stacked on top of each other makes it easy to see and find all of your craft paint bottles. Just purchase a long piece of PVC pipe and cut it down with a circular saw or PVC cutter to the width you need. Then glue them together. Add to a shelf or ledge for handy paint storage.

You don’t need PVC per say, because any plastic tubes will work as long as they are sturdy and the paint bottle fits inside each one. Here is a standing or wall mounted rack from Amazon that is basically the same concept.

plastic stacking paint storage

Wire Shelving Units for Craft Paint Storage

Wire shelves are a great way to store a lot of paint. I made mine with some wire grid shelving pieces and some scrap wood. It can sit or hang from the wall.

wire rack for craft paint storage

Don’t want to make your own. Here is a wooden and wire paint storage rack that’s basically the same thing.


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Use Scrap Wood to Make Shelves to hold your Paints

Use a scrap piece of wood to make shelves to hold your bottles of paint. You can make them any size you need and hang as many as you want as long as you have the wall space.

Or, you can drill holes in the board so the little bottles will sit in the holes like this wall storage system.

wooden paint storage idea

Acrylic Paint Storage Options

You can also purchase a craft paint storage organizer online or a paint rack online if you don’t want to make your own.

acrylic craft paint organizer

Plastic Storage Boxes or Photo Boxes for your Paints

Use photo boxes or plastic storage containers for storing paints. Just make sure to find containers with a flat bottom, as opposed to a tapered bottom and all of your cans and bottles should sit perfectly inside. If they are clear, even better so you can see just what your looking for.

plastic craft paint storage ideas

Use Rolling Storage for your Paints

Craft organizers come in many different styles, colors and size. How about this great skinny rolling organizer for all your paint supplies. This is a great option because you can roll it up when your working on a craft project, and roll it out of the way when your not.

rolling craft paint storage idea

Tiered Trays Make Paints Look Good

Using a tiered tray keeps your paints handy and looks great too. I purchased mine below at Hobby Lobby.

tiered tray holding craft paint

Plastic Totes Make Painting Convienent

There are also many different sized storage totes that work great for holding all your paint supplies. The blue one below I think I purchased at the dollar store but you can find them anywhere. The link above is for one on Amazon.

blue plastic storage tote with paints

No matter what containers you choose to store your paints in make sure that you avoid extreme temperatures and are keeping them in an area without too much cold, and not in any damp locations.

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