Find space for your ideal cat room

The good news is finding a space for your feline friend’s cat room is easier than you may think. Cats don’t typically need a lot of space, but it’s a good idea to find at least a section of your home where they can comfortably nap, play and climb, and have a view of the outdoors. Cats will also enjoy an area away from loud noises and hiding places from family members or other pets in the home when they want to be left alone. So, if you want happy cats, and healthy cats, find them some space.

cat room ideas with a cat scratching a post

Here are some spaces you can dedicate for your cat’s room.

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If you have a small house, or only have a small space to dedicate to your cat, then try finding some unused areas to work with. These places may include space under your stairs, an unused closet or part of your walk-in closet, a spare bedroom, the basement, laundry room, or even just a corner of a room.

If you have a larger house with spare room, you could dedicate an entire room to your cat. Ideally, your cat would love it’s own space, a safe space where it can relax and enjoy some piece and quite. And ideally it would be great for you to have a separate room, or safe room, where you don’t have to worry that your cat will get into something dangerous or ruin your good furniture.

I had a room in my home that was basically used as storage. It was an old utility space and once we moved the utilities, we were left with a walk thru space where everything I didn’t have a space for collected. So we decided to update this space to use for storage and the cats. Here are some before pictures.

As you can see, this was just a neglected space with a too large Ikea closet that didn’t work for the kind of storage I needed. But, you can see what we transformed it into below!

But, if you really don’t have any space to dedicate for a cat room, then how about creating an outdoor space for them by building a catio? You can read how to build one of your own below. All you need is a small space outside of a window and they can have a safe place to soak up some sun and fresh air.


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How to build a catio
How to build a catio

What to include in your cat room

Cats can be very laid back and just love to nap, or they can be mischievous and love to play and climb. I have three cats and the female is very chill and just likes to be alone, but the two boys are crazy and are always chasing each other around the house and climbing and scratching everything.

But most importantly you want your cats to be comfortable and happy. Keep your cat room temperature warm, around 70 degrees and they will be in heaven. But, if you have to lower the temp they will be okay at a lower temp as long as they have something to snuggle up to like a blanket or inside a cat house.

So here are some items to think about including in your cat room.

A cat tree is a great item to have for a few reasons. Even the laziest cat will love to climb up high and sleep, and it gives active cats a place to scratch, hide, and climb. You can purchase a variety of cat trees to fit the space you have from low to very tall ones. Or, you can build your own. See the DIY section below.

A scratching post or something else to scratch is a must have in your cat room. Cats love to scratch things and if they don’t have something you want them to scratch, they will scratch something you don’t want them to. 😉

Things to climb on. Use the wall space and build some cat shelves and make your cats their own kitty playground. You don’t need the shelves to be cat shelves either. Use any sturdy shelves or shelving system that works with your home’s decor and it will work just fine.

You can also build or purchase mini cat bridges and cat wall systems so your cat can travel around the room.

cat playground wall with shelves

Having a designated cat room is a great spot for your litter boxes. But just because you have to have litter boxes doesn’t mean you have to see them. I had a piece of furniture made for my two pugs crates years ago. And now it makes the perfect piece of furniture for my three litter boxes. Just close the curtains and no one will know it’s there.

litter boxes built into a cabinet

Your cat needs a place to relax. A cat bed or cat hammock is a must for your cat room.

A cat house or cat condo is a great way to add some hiding spaces in the room. The one I chose has a hammock and a hideout. I placed it on top of a cat house I made last year and added a very comfy pet bed inside.

Cat room cat condo idea

If you are using this space as a lock off room or an area where the cats will only be allowed then you will also need water dishes and food bowls.

Cute cat bowl with waterer

Cat steps would be great for your active cats or for older cats that can’t jump very high.

If you don’t have the room for their own space, then why not add some pet furniture in your room? If your cat’s space is in your main living area then disguise the cat’s furniture by making it look like your own.

Cat’s love to hide. Cat cubbies will give them space to feel safe and to climb and play.

cat house side table

A window seat is a must. Your cat will sit for hours and look out a window at the birds and squirrels. Give them a comfortable, elevated window seat cat perch so they have the best view.

If you want your cat to access a space without opening a door then a cat door is the answer. We have one on our hall closet so they cats can go in and sleep and we have a cat window so the cats can climb out of the window and into their catio on our deck. This cat window is the best. It adjusts to fit in your window and has a door you can slide closed to keep them in.

adjustable cat door window

Cat toys will keep your cats busy. And a bored cat will look for something to destroy. So, make sure to have plenty of interactive toys on hand for play time.


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Good flooring and a rug will help save the floors in your cat room. We installed vinyl plank flooring which is virtually indestructible and put a large rug in front of the litter boxes to help catch litter as they come out of the boxes.

You are going to need some type of storage solutions to hold the kitty litter, toys, leashes, cat carrier, clothing, food, and more. We purchased some ready made kitchen cabinets from Home Depot and installed them over the litter boxes to hold everything. Then we took the large blank wall and installed pantry cabinets for more storage. But you can get creative and use a piece of furniture or bookcase to hold everything.

storage cabinets from Home Depot for a cat room

You can make the cats feel like they’re outside by using plants. Just make sure the plants you use are safe for your cats. Here is a list of safe plants for cats. You can also grow your own cat grass too.

Just make sure that your cats have everything they need in the space to be happy and healthy.

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DIY cat room projects

If you don’t have the budget to purchase all you need for your cat room, then get your DIY hat on and make some fun and inexpensive cat room projects.

Use cardboard boxes or wood crates to build some climbing structures. All you need to do is attached them together with duct tape and cut some holes and they will love it.

Cat house from cardboard boxes

We used sisal area rugs for cat scratchers by screwing them onto a wall. Now they can just stretch out and scratch and it looks good too.

Cat room Ideas with litterbox cabinet and scratching wall

Cat wall shelves are an easy project to do. Just take some scrap boards and some brackets and screw them to a wall at random heights and the cats will love it. I purchased some inexpensive shelves on Amazon and installed them on a wall behind a door and it not only works great but it looks good too.

I found the cute wall decals on Amazon.

shelving for cats to climb with cute decals

I was looking at some doll beds the other day and though how they would make a great cat-sized beds. This would also make a great DIY project with some scrap wood. Let your imagination run wild.

DIY cat bed

No matter how much room you have, or don’t have, for your cat room, there are plenty of products and projects you can do to make your you and your cat happy.

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