Do you have a maker in your life? Someone who loves to do crafts or make things with their hands? No matter what types of crafters you know, I have some perfect gift ideas to share with you for this holiday season or anytime. Here is a list of the best gifts for makers this year.

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Great gift ideas for diy lovers?

Do you have someone on your list that loves doing DIY projects? Here are some great gift ideas that will make you the best gift giver ever.


Not everyone loves to make things themselves. But, if you have someone in your life that enjoys learning new things then a DIY kit is a great gift idea.

Williams Sonoma has some cool DIY kits that would be a great addition under your tree. They have kits for beer making, sushi making, mushroom logs, cocktail kits, tree growing, and more. So fun. You can find a gift for anyone on your list.

beer making kit

Man Crates is another great DIY kit company geared toward men. They have kits like chef knife making, whiskey making, diy barrel smoker, lure making, cornhole, watchmaking and more. This is a great idea for a man who has everything.

mancrates knife making set

Staple Gun

Who doesn’t need a good staple gun? I personally have been thru many different staple guns and they are not all made the same. A good-quality staple gun would make a great gift. The Workpro 6-in-1 staple gun is a clear winner.

Workpro staple gun

Creality 3 D printers

I have to admit I don’t know much about 3d printers but this company is listed as the best. The website is very informative and you can shop by features and price. functions, and quality.

Ultimate gifts for the paper crafter.

Do you have a family member who loves to make things out of paper?

Scrapbooking Kits

If you have a scrapbooker in your family then scrapbooking kits are a perfect gift for them. You can get kits for almost any theme, color, or occasion out there. Do you know what they are into? You can find a kit for that. We all know Amazon has everything and scrapbooking is no exception. Here are just some of Amazon’s best scrapbooking selections. is another great place to find unique and fun scrapbooking kits.

Cricut Maker

Do you have some Maker friends? Well, anyone who owns a Cricut Maker knows you can never have too many Cricut machines, accessories, or supplies. The Cricut Maker is the perfect Christmas gift for any paper crafter!

I own three Cricut machines and every time Cricut comes out with a new color I just fall in love with it. I know, I know. It’s not about the color…but they are so pretty! Luckily, I have a granddaughter who loves crafting too. So, when I get too many new crafting items, she gets new crafting items! lol


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Wnat to learn more about the Cricut Cutting Machine? Read my post “What is a Cricut anyway?”

Speaking of granddaughters…If you ever wanted to know the skill level involved in using a Cricut Maker, she has been using one since she was about 10 years old. It really isn’t difficult, especially for kids these days that grew up with electronics. You just need to learn the Cricut Design Space program, which is free to use. You can make as many designs as you want, you just can’t make anything without the machine. So I suggest you start playing around with the program right away and see all the cool things you can make. It’s fun! You will definitely want one.

Cricut cutting machine

If you are still not sure of how to use the Maker there are many YouTube channel videos to show you step-by-step instructions for many projects.

Custom Stamp

This gift is great for someone who makes and sells their own crafts. Purchase a custom stamp from Etsy in whatever size you need and customize it with their logo and/or name. You can get one for paper crafts, fabric, and even leather. I can see it now…Made with love by… What a great personalized gift.

Craft supplies

Craft supplies are always a great choice for gifts. Crafters can never have enough craft supplies. Haven’t you seen the funny meme on Facebook?

“Why go out and buy something for $50 when you can make it yourself with $500 of craft supplies?” I love that one. It’s so true! LOL

My favorite places to shop for craft supplies are Michael’s, and Hobby Lobby although I hate their website and Amazon.

Gifts for young makers

STEM kits for kids

STEM kits are great for kids with curious minds. It stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. So if you know a kid out there that loves to learn how things work or loves to make things with their own hands, then STEM kits are for you.

There are many different STEM kits available online and once again Amazon has the biggest selection. If you have young stemists in your family here are some great options.

stem science kit

Tie Dye kits

Kids love tie-dye. Why not give them the gift of a tie-dye kit so they can make their own designs?

kids wearing tie dye shirts

Monthly subscription boxes

Monthly subscription boxes are a great idea for kids who have everything. The kits come to their door every month as complete kits with all the supplies needed.

There are lots of different crafts to choose from for every age and skill level. These boxes are so much fun for any kid who loves to craft. You can cancel anytime and most have free shipping.

Kiwico is a great craft subscription service for kids and teens. They have crafts for babies up to teenagers. You choose your age group, and your delivery plan, and you will receive goodies in the mail every month.

Kiwico options

We craft box is another subscription service recommended for children. It is a family-owned business that was started by a mom who was desperate to find time to spend quality time with her children. She designed a service that takes all the prep out of doing craft projects.

Gifts for sewing enthusiasts

Sewing Machine

This Janome computerized sewing machine is voted one of the best intermediate sewing machines on the market. Built tough but reasonably priced, this sewing machine would make a great gift for beginners and intermediate sewers.

sewing machine

Ball of yarn

I’m sort of kidding. sort of. If you know someone who likes to knit or crochet then yarn is a great gift idea. Yarn is kind of expensive when you are constantly making things. So if you know what they like then gift them some yarn. If you don’t, then a gift certificate to Joanne’s or Michael’s is a better idea so they can pick out their own.

gifts for the person that has everything?

Kit clubs

Kit clubs are a great way to send the gift that keeps on giving. Most kit clubs are a per-month service that sends you everything you need to make a craft right to your door.

Annie’s kit clubs is a website where you choose your craft type, then choose a project you want to make and it comes in the mail. They have everything from From woodworking to beading, and knitting to card-making and it includes everything you need to make the craft including instructions.

When you join the club you will receive regular deliveries for around $20 each depending on the craft. You can cancel anytime. They also have past projects that you can purchase without a membership. Great for both adults and children.

The project home DIY is another craft kit membership site that has amazing DIY projects sent to your door. This service is around $50 a month but the projects are well worth it and it includes a starter kit with supplies and shipping for free. They have crafts such as wooden trays, wreaths, signs, clocks, and more.

craft crate and pumpkin

The crafters box is another monthly subscription craft service that also has a maker community you can join for another fee. Very high-quality crafts with video and written instructions. This service is around $65 a month with discounts for choosing multiple months.

Kiwico is a great craft subscription service for kids and teens. See more under Gifts for Young Makers above.

The craftsman crate is a great craft subscription service for those who like woodworking, block printing, wire sculpting, wood burning, and more. It is around $45 a month and you can also purchase past crates as well.

Gift cards

And if all else fails, gift cards are a great option. It used to be that gift cards were considered impersonal. But today most people would rather be able to buy something they really want or need instead of receiving a gift they can’t use.

As much as my grandchildren love to receive gifts during the holidays, they also love to take their gift cards to the store to pick out the perfect gift for them.

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