Holiday shopping tips 2024

This year more than ever shopping is going to be a challenge. I’ve put together some holiday shopping tips to help keep you out of trouble. Nobody wants a temper tantrum on Christmas morning. I’ve even given you some great gift suggestions if you’re stuck on ideas.

Holiday shopping tips

Shop Black Friday Deals

We all know that Black Friday is one of the best times to shop for holiday gifts! But this year is proving to be difficult.

With Covid issues and shipping troubles, the number one thing you can do this year is to shop early! I know this is about Black Friday but if you can shop earlier you should. If you see something in the store, buy it. Don’t take unnecessary risks this year, especially with toys.

Don’t wait until Black Friday to check out the deals. Lots of stores like Amazon, Target, and Walmart, just to name a few, have already begun their sales.

A lot of retailers are sharing the same deals online as in stores, so shop online and forget the crowds. And some of the retailers are not opening on Thanksgiving this year like Best Buy, Costco, Target, and Walmart. Check to see if your favorite store will open this year.

Compare prices from different retailers. Some are price matching but don’t assume that one retailer is selling that popular toy for the same price as another. Go online and search many stores for the same item and find the best price before you buy.

Check stores ‘ policies for returns and other important information like price matching.

Check your emails and social media

I don’t know about you but I get a TON of emails this time of year and I tend to hit the DELETE button way too soon.

I’ve made it my mission to at least open the emails and see what kind of deals I might actually enjoy taking advantage of. And because of this I actually discovered something I didn’t even know existed, but more on that next.

Also, you will find that many retailers are using social media to announce promotions and exclusive deals. So, if ever there was a reason to mindlessly scroll thru social media, this is it.

My best holiday shopping tip

How’s this for a holiday shopping tip? Did you know that Amazon has an outlet? YUP! I got an email from them titled “Shop Deals in Outlet.” I was like “What???” So I checked it out and OMG! I got more ideas for gifts this way than I ever thought possible. And the deals are incredible!

You can shop by gift category, overstock deals, by price, discount amount, reviews, and featured deals. They also have a section of last chance savings if you scroll down past the categories. It’s a lot like their Amazon Prime Day pages. I did notice that some of these search options were easier to use on mobile and the last chance savings shows up on top on mobile just for a heads up.

Just by scrolling thru the last chance savings I got so many gift ideas. It is definitely worth checking out the shop! Here’s the link to the page below.

Shop Etsy for great personalized and unique gifts

Etsy is an amazing place to find just about anything and most of it is handmade, one-of-a-kind, or personalized just for you. If you have a person in your life that is impossible to buy a gift for, then Etsy is the place.

You will need to set up an account in order to shop in Etsy but it’s easy and free to do.

Remember, when you’re ordering personalized or handmade, you will need to allow time for the item to be personalized and shipped. Therefore, order these items early and double-check the shipping dates!

Shop thrift stores for one-of-a-kind gifts

If you want to purchase a gift for that person that has everything, then try shopping at your local thrift store. Thrift stores have lots of vintage finds, as well as high-end clothing, jewelry, and more. So, don’t be afraid to look at local shops, flea markets, and thrift stores for that perfect gift.

Gift list ideas

Okay, enough with the holiday shopping tips. I’ve done a little shopping just to make things easy for you. I have some ideas for the person in your life who loves to decorate and that person who loves to make things. Maybe even that one who is a little O.C.D. like me and loves to organize everything. Well, I have some great gift ideas for you below that will make all of them happy. Enjoy shopping and checking people off your list!

Great gift ideas for interior decorating fanatics

Do you have someone in your life who loves interior decorating, you know the one who watches every decorating show on TV? Or maybe they spend a lot of time at HomeGoods? Here are some gifts they would love to receive.

Decor and DIY heartbeat t-shirt

Decor and DIY heartbeat t-shirt

This is a great gift for that Decorator or DIY’ER in your life. The image says it all! LOVE!

Pretty wooden chain link decor item

Chain Link Decor

This chain link decoration is all the rage right now. You can use these anywhere to add a little bit of character and dimension. You can also get it in different finishes.

Madison Park Rosalie Blue Iron Wall Decor 3-piece Set

Madison Park Rosalie Blue Iron Wall Decor 3-piece Set

This 3-piece set is a great way to add some interest and texture to your walls. The colors are relevant and popular right now. I’m seeing this set everywhere.

Home decorating for Dummies

Home Decorating for Dummies

This is a great book for the DIY decorator. It gives you step-by-step direction for space planning, furniture selection, window treatments, and accessorizing your own home as well as ideas and inspiration all on a budget.

My favorite coasters, mouse pad and bookmarks ever!

Rug bookmark, coaster, mousepad set

These are real-life replicas of area rugs and come individually or as a set of 3 including a mouse pad, bookmark, and coaster. They also come in different colors and styles.


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If you need help making gift lists online or wanna let everyone else know what you want for gifts, then read all about Amazon’s Gift Lists!

Great gift ideas for the DIYer/crafter

If you have a DIY’ER in your home. Someone who is always building, fixing, or creating something with their hands or with tools? Well, whether it’s a male or female I have some awesome gift ideas for you.

If you walk a mile in my shoes mug

If you walk a mile in my shoes…mug

I LOVE this mug! This is a perfect gift for that person who spends a lot of time in craft stores. You know who you are!

I recommend you get the larger size! I got the smaller one but the one shown is the large size.

snowflake 18 in one tool

Snowflake Tool

This 18-in-1 snowflake tool can be used to open beer bottles, tighten screws, fix skis, bicycles, toys, etc. It can also be used as a gift for family and friends for outdoor activities, such as camping, boarding, rescue, etc.

I make pretty things with power tools t-shirt

I make pretty things t-shirt

I love the message this t-shirt sends out to the world. Just because I’m a girl doesn’t mean I can’t make things. And it’s super cute!

Soap that smells like sawdust, marriage counseling, and burnt money

Soap for the Home Renovators

This is a handmade soap with an adorable scent. 🙂 Perfect for the DIY’ER

20-volt 18 gauge cordless brad Nailer kit


18 Gauge Brad Nailer drives 18 Gauge Brad nails from 5/8 in. to 2-1/8 in. which makes it ideal for all kinds of home improvements and craft projects.

It’s cordless and uses an interchangeable battery that fits other DeWalt products. It’s lightweight too so perfect for smaller hands.

DIYer wrench earrings

DIY’ER wrench earrings

What a cute gift for the DIY woman in your life. She will love these.

They have other tools as well! Check them out!

Great gift ideas for the organizer in your life

Okay, this one is me. Well, I am actually all of the above, but I LOVE to organize things. So, I am your go-to girl for all things organizing. Here are some great ideas for the organizer in your life.

Beautifully organized home planner

The beautifully organized Home Planner

The Beautifully Organized Home Planner provides essential tools, charts, and checklists that will help you run your home smoothly and efficiently, and reduce day-to-day stress–all in a sturdy and elegant linen-cover binder with gold foil. 

Peg board organizer for your craft room

Peg Board Organizer for Craft Room

A Beautiful Handmade Wood Peg Board designed to keep all your craft tools and supplies organized.

2022 planner

2022 Weekly / Monthly Planner

Everyone could use a planner to stay organized! This one covers 12 months from Jan 2022 to Dec 2022. Weekly and monthly views. Coated monthly tabs and an inner pocket make it more convenient to use.

Go and see all the pages included in the book. They are really pretty. Don’t like this design? They have many more to choose from.

life happens and organizing helps mug

Life Happens Organizing Helps Mug

Ain’t that the truth? Organizing fixes everything! 😉 And if organizing isn’t your fix-all, then they have other Life Happens mugs too.

Botanical Cascade Tote bag

Botanical Cascade Tote Bag

How pretty is this canvas bag? This is a perfect gift for the woman in your life.

FREE personalization available; includes a custom foil-pressed leather tag
• 100% durable cotton
• 15.5” L x 16” W x 3.5” H
• 22.5” leather straps
• Brushed copper snap front closure

Well, I hope you enjoyed my holiday shopping tips. And I hope you found some great gifts for the holidays this year. Don’t forget to check out some of my other holiday posts below.

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