how to arrange your mixtiles photos

I have been using Mixtiles photos for years and thought you might enjoy seeing how creative you can get with these inexpensive artwork tiles, or photo tiles. I’ll show you some great ways to arrange Mixtiles photos quickly and easily.

Mixtiles is an online company that makes 8 x 8 inch repositionable photo tiles that you customize with your own photographs or artwork. You simply upload your images right on their website, choose your frame option, and they will ship directly to you. What makes Mixtiles unique is that it comes with a sticky strip on the back of each tile that can be repositioned over and over dozens of times and won’t harm your walls. Yup, no more holes in the wall! It’s so easy to change up your artwork this way.

I use Mixtiles photos in my home to display my favorite family moments. They are so inexpensive, I order new ones every once in a while and update my photos. I’ve never been someone who likes staged family photos so I choose my favorite pictures from my phone, computer, or even online from Facebook or Instagram and upload them. It’s super easy! Just make sure your resolution is a minimum of 499 x 499px and your Mixtiles will be crisp and clear.

Mixtiles photo tiles on a photo ledge

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See how I made the picture ledge above for my new batch of Mixtiles

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. This is my honest review of Mixtiles that I have purchased multiple times myself.

Mixtiles photo tiles are the perfect way to build a gallery wall, inexpensively. They are typically $11 per tile but they offer multiple bundles for different sized orders and also have frequent deals and sales. They also offer 5 different frame styles to choose from including, classic, bold, ever, clean, and edge. You can see the different options on the website.

They even sell framed artwork in different sizes that also have their repositionable sticky strips on the back.

So, how do you position these awesome tiles on your walls? I have scoured Pinterest to find some pretty and unique gallery walls that you can create in minutes.

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awesome ways to arrange your Mixtiles photos

There are lots of creative people out there who love to share their Mixtiles layout ideas with us. I have compiled some of the best Mixtiles designs for you. Whether you are putting your Mixtiles on your stairs, mixing Mixtiles patterns for a beautiful photo tile layout design, or simply just looking for Mixtiles layout ideas in general, I’ve got some great ones below.

a gallery arrangement idea using black and white photos for Mixtiles

Susannah from Susannah Lynn’s Blog shows how you can use all black and white photographs with black frames for a sophisticated grid display. I LOVE the simplicity of this arrangement!

via Susannah Lynn

Now this arrangement is adorable for a family tree wall. These photos are not Mixtiles but you can certainly do this with the Mixtiles photos.

via Pinterest

photo gallery arranged into a family tree
arranging Mixtiles along a stairway

Here is a great Mixtiles layout idea for a stairway. With Mixtiles you can add more photos as the family grows!

via Pinterest

How cool is this photo tiles layout idea? You can mix Mixtiles photo tiles with another craft project to make your own family photo focal point wall.

via Pinterest

Mixtiles arrangement integrated with letter tiles on a wall gallery

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colorful artwork arrangement idea for Mixtiles

Now this is pretty and totally doable with Mixtiles. You would however have to edit your images and add a border to them before you upload to Mixtiles.

via Designertrapped

You don’t have to use family photos to enjoy Mixtiles either. Have a blank wall that needs a large piece of artwork. Save your money and make a gallery of beautiful photos to fill that wall! Use whatever your passionate about.

via Mixtiles

wall gallery of wild animals
Mixtiles photos arranged on a picture ledge

And you don’t have to stick them to the wall. I used mine in my hallway to fill some picture ledges I built. I just leaned them on the shelf and kept the cover on the sticky tape on the back so I can stick them somewhere later if I want.

via Our Repurposed Home

OOOOH, I love this! How gorgeous would this be in your home office? Imagine using a grouping of Mixtiles photos at your companies office with photos of your employees! What a great way to show them how much they mean.

via Mixtiles

a Mixtiles arrangement along a built-in cabinet wall

Best of both worlds

I don’t know about you but when I find artwork that I love it’s sooo expensive. Mixtiles photos are so inexpensive you can build a large gallery wall within your budget.

Then with regular artwork you have to make sure you have the right hardware to hang it. Not to mention having the knowledge to actually hang it where you want, and hang it straight. Using Mixtiles can help you achieve a very beautiful arrangement and if you don’t hang it straight the first time, just pull it off and try again. Easy Peasy!

pin about hanging artwork
picture ledge with mixtiles photos
bedroom image with faux wood wall

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