Creating a Foyer in an open-concept living room or family room is both functional and fashionable. It can help to create a sense of separation between your living space and your front door. But it will also serve as the perfect way to set the tone for your home.

You don’t need much space either. You can create an entrance hall with just a little bit of floor space, and a little bit of storage space. Before you know it you have a dedicated foyer where there wasn’t one before.

This post explains how to define this entry space from the rest of the living room with an open floor plan. Using just furniture and decor you can create a warm and welcoming proper entry area without walls.

Here are some entryway ideas interior designers would use to create a separation from the rest of your home without building walls.

How to create a foyer in an open living room

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Use Furniture to Create a foyer where there isn’t one

When creating a foyer in an open living space, the first thing to try is to use furniture to create separation. This creates a visual barrier between the two spaces. Just because you don’t have walls in your foyer space doesn’t mean you can’t visually separate the space in other ways.

Try this by using a sofa or loveseat to separate the two spaces. Place the back of the sofa toward the entry area with an entry table, sofa table, bookcase, or console table behind it. This will give you a “wall” between the two spaces and the table will give you a place to throw your keys or set down your purse.

living room layout using a sofa and sofa table to create an entryway in the living room

Another option to create an open space is to use an armoire or tall bookcase to separate the two spaces. I love the idea of using an open bookcase because it is the perfect place for accessorizing and still lets in plenty of light.

You can even make a built-in bookcase for a more permanent solution. Placing baskets and bins on the shelves will provide storage and help keep items you need to grab on your way out neat and organized.

If you’re using an armoire or other closed type of bookcase, make sure the back side of the furniture piece that faces the living room is finished.

Consider placing another piece of furniture up against it or camouflaging it with a tall plant or mirror if it’s not finished. If the armoire has drawers or other closed storage even better. This way you can keep all of the ugly, but necessary items you need in your entry from cluttering up the space.

floor plan showing how to use a bookcase to create an entry way in your living room

Creating the perfect foyer in an open living room has been a challenge for many homeowners but room dividers can be used to make this space more inviting and comfortable. By using a stylish room divider, homeowners can create a well-defined entryway that adds both beauty and functionality to the home and it can be used as a focal point if there isn’t one in the space.

Not only do room dividers offer visual separation, but they also provide privacy while still maintaining an airy feel. It can be difficult to define each area without blocking out natural light or making the area seem too cluttered. A room divider creates subtle boundaries between areas while still allowing light to flow through the entire space for a unified look and feel.

floor plan showing how to use a room divider to separate the living room from the entry way

By utilizing furniture pieces strategically throughout your open living room, you can easily create an inviting foyer for visitors and make a separate space to put on your shoes and drop your bags.

Add Storage and Decor to define your entryway

Creating a foyer in an open living room is an exciting way to add style and functionality to your home. Step two of this process is to add storage and decor.

It’s a good idea to add storage in the space to store items like umbrellas, coats, or hats that you would typically have near the entrance of your home.

Utilizing stylish and functional furniture pieces like benches with baskets underneath for shoe storage, or closed cabinetry, is a simple way to get a great look while keeping your space organized.

Luckily, there are plenty of great ideas for entryway storage that can help you create the perfect foyer for your home. From stylish coat racks to wall shelves, these creative storage solutions will help make the most out of your small space while still creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Coat hooks, wall hooks, hangers, or a hall tree, are some of the simplest yet most effective ways to store coats, bags, and shoes in your foyer. A wall-mounted coat rack with multiple hooks or pegs makes keeping everything organized quick and easily. And a shoe rack or basket under a bench is an easy way to disguise clutter.

In addition to adding storage, it’s important to think about how you want the space to look when decorating a foyer in an open living room. Consider adding accent pieces that reflect the overall design theme of your home.

Include plants for added color and texture as well as use tall trees or plants for visual separation between the two spaces.

Mirrors will add a more spacious feel to your entryway. A large mirror will make it seem like you have more space than you really do and will bounce some light around the area as well.

An area rug or runner can be used to define the space between your entryway and living room. Rugs can help establish boundaries between your entryway and living room and provide visual interest.


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floor plan showing a rug used to define an entry way in an open living room

Wall art can also be used to define the space and make it feel like its own special area. By strategically hanging art on the walls or placing sculptures and other pieces around the area, you can create a unique and inviting entryway.


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Using artwork to define your foyer will also add an element of personal style that is sure to be appreciated by visitors.


Creating a foyer in an open living room can be a great way to define the space and make it look more inviting. It’s an easy project that doesn’t require any major changes, and could possibly be done with items you already have at home.

Whether you decide to use furniture or room dividers, just a few simple steps and you can create a beautiful entryway that adds style and functionality to your space!

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