The family room renovation is coming along slowly but surely. But a lot has happened in our household over the last few weeks including a Disney vacation, two family friends loosing loved ones, and Dad not feeling well. But, Dale and I managed to finally finish up the flooring this weekend. I’d love to show you how it came out and show you how you can install vinyl plank flooring in your home too.

Have you ever watched Marriage Bootcamp on TV? They give the couples tasks to complete to teach them how to work together, to listen to each other, and basically how to communicate. Well, we sure could have used them to get through this part of the renovation! LOL

how to install vinyl plank flooring.

Even though vinyl plank flooring itself is easy to install, the instructions don’t tell you how to breathe thru frustrating setbacks, or how to keep two people, who both think they’re right, from killing each other!

Luckily, I have the best husband in the world and he has learned, over the past 36 years, how to just let me have my breakdown and give me space to calm myself down. But, don’t get me wrong…vinyl plank flooring is easy to install and a definite DIY project. I promise!

Since this is the second vinyl plank floor I have installed, I have learned a few tricks along the way. So, let me take you through the process and hopefully save you a trip to a marriage counselor. 😉

Tools needed to install luxury vinyl plank flooring

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How long does it take to install vinyl plank flooring?

The answer to this question obviously depends on how big your room is. But, I can tell you that once you get your first row down, the subsequent rows can go pretty quickly.

The part that takes the most time is where you need to cut around objects in the space. So if your room is just a square without any posts or other protruding objects, then you can probably do the room in one day.

We did our 17′ X 24′ room, that has a post in the middle of the room, a fireplace hearth, and a reading nook, in two days. Not including the baseboard molding installation.

Can you install vinyl plank flooring over an existing floor?

Yes, you can install vinyl plank flooring over an existing floor as long as the floor is even. We installed one floor over 3 different styles of vinyl sheet flooring. This worked because each floor was the same thickness throughout the rooms and it was firmly attached to the sub-floor.

This project below was installed directly over our cement basement floor.

how to install vinyl plank flooring.

Do you need underlayment for a vinyl plank floor?

We used Lifeproof vinyl plank flooring from Home Depot and this product has the underlayment attached to the planks. I would refer to the manufacturers instructions for your particular flooring product.

how to install vinyl plank flooring.  Lifeproof brand

I installed a vinyl peel and stick flooring in my office and I did need a roll of foam underlayment over the concrete floor.


  1. Hi! Love these floors! How have the held up so far? I’ve heard they can scratch easily..? Thank you!

    1. Thanks Angelina, the floors are holding up very well. Not sure where you heard about them scratching easily because we choose this floor because they “do not” scratch easily and they are waterproof.

      The only issue we have, and it’s not really and issue, at least yet, is that we had a couple spots where the floor underneath was not completely level and we can feel some movement when we walk on it. I imagine that could loosen the sections eventually. But so far so good.

      This floor completely changed our room. We LOVE it.

      Thanks for commenting and good luck with your flooring choice.


  2. I really appreciate you explaining that it took you around two days to do all of the floorings in your home. My partner and I want to start remodeling our home so that it’s much easier to sell in the future. We are thinking about getting vinyl done by a professional so that it looks great, but doesn’t break the bank.

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