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I’m sitting at the airport getting ready to board a plane home from Vegas. When I go to Vegas I am more of an entertainment girl than a gambler, but I mostly love to look in the hotels and take in all the architecture and decor.  But as much as I love architecture, I usually do not find decorating inspiration for my own home.  But not this time…I found “The Pantry” The most adorable farmhouse restaurant ever!

If you love the farmhouse style and Vegas, you must go there for dinner. It is so welcoming and homey.

Farmhouse style restaurant for decorating inspiration

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I loved the restaurant so much that I wanted to pick up the whole thing and put it in my house.  It was a beautifully decorated farmhouse-style restaurant. I loved everything about this restaurant, but the best part was how it made me feel.  It was so casual and welcoming; just like at home.

decorating inspiration from the pantry restaurant las vegas

farmhouse design aesthetic – just like home

The floors were a beautiful Moroccan tile in blue and brown with a white background. It coordinated beautifully with the tan leather booth seats.  The back of the booth seats had a gold bar with brown leather belts looping around them. So creative.

The crisp white paneled walls had a slightly grey subway tile on the upper section of the walls.  It was so subtle but gave the walls just a little bit of texture and warmth against all the white.

The side wall had white paneled walls below with mirrored panels above that went to the ceiling.  The mirrors had white printed quotes all over them which I absolutely loved and will definitely try somewhere in my home for sure. Check your local Hobby Lobby for mirrors with quotes or make your own.

decorating inspiration from the Pantry restaurant in Las Vegas

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farmhouse restaurant “the pantry” has a pantry

In the back of the room, of the restaurant, there was an alcove that had an 18” deep built-in buffet with a white Carrara marble top. Along the outside of the buffet were two chunky bookcases that rose to the ceiling.  Above it had some open wooden shelves held up with black wrought iron brackets that they had accessorized with baskets, white pottery, mason jars, and stacks of plates in wooden crates.  It was so simple and homey.

The floors in this area were a wide wood plank that matched the wood tones in the built-ins.  A little too much wood on wood for me but still beautiful.

decorating inspiration from the Pantry restaurant in Las Vegas

This restaurant also had the largest bar I’ve ever seen that ran probably 20-30’ long.  It was wrapped in wood planks with a white Carrara marble top.  

The stools were grey metal with wooden seats and backs. The ones in these pictures are wicker so maybe they updated them. 

They also had small square, metal, pedestal tables with wooden tops and had the most adorable mid-century white-painted chairs with tan leather upholstered seats.  The link isn’t for white chairs but they are very similar. They made me think of chairs you’d see at a yard sale that was probably wood toned with orange upholstered seats.  Now I want to go yard saling!  Again, the chairs in these pics are different but I love them just the same.


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farmhouse style Inspiration for a craft project?

For artwork, they had a large framed piece with two white, doily designs painted on a black background.  It was matted in white and framed with a simple, white-painted frame. Until I got up close I couldn’t tell it was painted. It looked like real doilies. 

I have a ton of doilies that I got at our local thrift store that I have been saving for some fun project and I think I just found it!

artwork decorating inspiration from the Pantry restaurant in Las Vegas

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There are so many ideas from this restaurant that you could use in your own home. So when you are looking for ideas for your next decorating project don’t just limit yourself to magazines and Pinterest.  Look everywhere for your design inspiration.  You never know where you might find it, like in a farmhouse-style restaurant!

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