All 5th wheel and RV owners know that space is limited, and finding every extra storage space they can, and organizing it well, is essential for RV life. I have some great ideas on where to look for that extra space and the best way to use it. Read on to learn the best RV and 5th wheel storage ideas and tips out there.

Why you need to organize your RV 5th wheel storage space

RV’s, campers, and yes even 5th wheels, are very small spaces. You need to use what little space you have to it’s full potential in order to make it work for you in the long run, especially if you RV full time.

And up until recently the RV industry has ignored the fact that people have a lot of stuff and need a place to put it. So, if you have an older RV, or if you have a small camper, you know all too well what little storage there is.

Not only do you need more storage, but you also need easy access to your stuff and you need to organize it well! Below I have lots of ideas to find that extra space and make it more easily accessible.

Best RV storage ideas with pic of a kitchen pantry with slide outs

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how to organize the storage space you do have

We recently upgraded from a 30′ travel trailer to a 42′ 5th wheel and after using it for just a few months I am happy to say that I am more than pleased with the amount of storage we have compared to the travel trailer. However, there were still a few areas that needed some upgrading to make it work for us.

I suggest you start the process the way we did. Figuring out what needs to go into the RV, finding the perfect spot for it, and then organizing that area for the best use of space.

So to start it’s a good idea to take inventory of everything that you need to store and take note of how much space you have available in your 5th wheel, camper, or travel trailer. A great place you can look for added storage organization are:

  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Kitchen drawers
  • End of island or cabinets
  • Above cabinets
  • On the fridge
  • Under seating
  • Inside and outside of cabinet doors
  • Under the kitchen sink
  • On the counters
  • Bathroom cabinets and closets
  • On your shower walls, doors, and/or rods
  • On your RV walls
  • In your storage bays
  • Under beds
  • Over the doors
  • On top of bedside platforms
  • In 5th wheel clothes closets and dressers
  • Space inside main door

Every small space you can find should be used, and all the small items you need should have a home to prevent your RV from looking cluttered and cramped. Remember, having too many things out in the open will make your RV 5th wheel feel smaller than it actually is. So, try and find as much closed storage space as possible.

Here are some great 5th wheel storage ideas and RV storage solutions for helping you to organize the limited space you do have.

paint swatch

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RV Kitchen and Dining Room Storage Ideas

One great way to make the storage work for you is to DIY some upgrades. Make pull out drawers to access under dinette seating. This will greatly increase your accessible storage for all those large appliances or extra dishes you don’t need everyday. Much easier then removing cushions and pillows every time you need something underneath.

Here’s a great YouTube video if you want to learn how to build your own pull out shelves under your dinette.

Lots of RV pantry’s do not make the best use of the space it takes up. Mine for example had two very deep and tall shelves. I really couldn’t store much in there at all so I added extra shelves and made them pull out with drawer slides so I could reach items in the very back. Adding these gave me much more space for storing dry goods, snacks, extra drinks, and all my canned goods. Much better!

Make the best use of your cabinet space by adding organizing products that help you to use more of the space you have. Don’t forget to check out the product images below.

Using a lazy susan gave all of my small spices a place to live and it makes them so easy to access. Just spin it around to find the spice you need. You could also use a 2 or 3 tiered lazy susan in a taller cabinet for cups and glasses. Use in the fridge for drinks or condiments. On your picnic table for items such as napkins, utensils, paper plates, condiments, etc. There are so many different sizes and configurations to choose from that I’m sure you will find one to fit your space perfectly. Check them out in the box below!

A Magnetic knife holder is a great space saving item. Not only does it save you space in your drawers but it also keeps your knives and cooking utensils handy. I purchased the one I linked to below. It holds knives and all of my cooking utensils and I hung it right next to my stove. It’s perfect!

There are many different styles of Paper towel holders so you can easily find on that works the best for your space. Whether you want one on your countertop, under your sink, or hanging from a cabinet, there will be a paper towel holder for you.

Using a Magnetic spice jars are another option for getting things off your surfaces. Most RV’s and 5th wheels have a magnetic refrigerator so use spice containers that have magnetic tops and attach them right to your fridge for easy access. I also found this pull out spice rack that looks really cool.

Collapsible containers like collapsible colanders and bowls save so much space in your RV. Nesting bowls can also save you lots of space in your cabinets.

There are also lots of shelving options to give you more space inside your cabinets. One option is an Add a Shelf. There are many, many options but you should look for one that is sturdy, adjustable, and stackable so it will fit your space perfectly.

Your counter space is also premium real estate in an RV. You need space for your stuff but you also have room for prepping and cooking. By using a stackable shelving unit on your countertop you are freeing up your limited counter space.

Another great storage option is adding a small rolling cart to the end of your counter top. By doing this not only are you adding more storage but you are also adding much needed prep space.

And lastly, utilizing the space under your sink is crucial. Try using a pull out under sink bins to organize all of your cleaning products and other kitchen supplies.

camper update form

RV Basement Storage Ideas

RV’ers know you have lots of tools that you need to bring along with you. Store your tools for easy access with rolling plastic bins so you can just roll out the bin when you need to access it. Or, utilize the sides of your basement storage area by DIYing or purchasing a pegboard wall like this one.

RV 5th Wheel Storage Ideas for your Basement Area

Bungee cords also help to hold items in place especially while traveling. Not only are they great for items in your basement storage area but they have many uses throughout your RV and 5th wheel.

Storage bins, plastic totes and Plastic containers of various sizes will have many uses for things like added drawer space for clothing, corralling small items like batteries and other junk drawer items, keeping food away from pets, and storing outdoor items like grill covers, tools, toys, swimming stuff and more.

RV Wall Storage Ideas

Using your available wall space is essential to keep your stuff organized and handy. But the most important thing to consider is how are you going to attach these items to your walls so you don’t damage them.

Another thing to remember is the more items that are visible, the more cluttered your space will feel. So, choose closed storage to hide all the uglies.

This rope basket organizer is both functional and beautiful and can be used in many places such as inside your entry for keys, maps, sunglasses. It can also be used in the bathroom for towels or toiletries. Or even in the kitchen/living room area for remotes, books and magazines, or even fake plants for decoration.

Use a remote control organizer on your sofa to keep them at arms reach. This one is beautiful and has room for magazines too.

There are many different wall storage containers that can be used anywhere in your RV. Try using them in the bathroom for toiletries, in your bedroom for bedside storage, or in the kitchen for spices, keys, or for decorative purposes. These clear plastic wall organizers can be screwed in or used with adhesive tabs. And these fruit baskets are adorable and can be used over a door or with command hooks on any open wall for more than just fruit.

3m command hooks will be your best friend for hanging items on your walls without putting holes in them. They come in different sizes to hold different weights so make sure you choose the correct size for your product. They also have decorative hooks with their awesome self sticking tabs.

RV bedroom and bathroom storage ideas

There are lots of places in your 5th wheel RV bedroom where you can gain some extra storage space.

You can organize your closet in a way that gives you much more storage space starting with your closet rods. Instead of just hanging clothes, try using some hanging shelf organizers to gain more usable space. Also use some baskets for keeping stuff organized on the shelf.

Most Rv’s have lots of room under the bed but it’s one big open space and things can get lost in there. Why not organize the space so you can find everything you need and access it easily. These underbed storage containers will work wonders for organizing all that space.

Hanging shoe organizers are also another great option for utilizing unused space behind the door. And there are many other over the door hooks for hanging lots of items.

RV living room storage ideas

One of my favorite tips for storage in the main living area is to use a storage ottoman. These not only give you a surface to put a tray or books and a place to put your feet up, but they also give you much needed extra storage for throws, pillows, or whatever else you need it for. It’s a win-win-win.

And like I mentioned above a Remote holder is also a great idea for getting those pesty things out of your way but still accessible. Here’s another option below.

RV 5th wheel storage ideas for the living room

And lastly, you will want to utilize the empty space underneath your seating. Most pull out sofa’s have ample storage for blankets, pillows, and sheets which will be handy when your ready to change up the bed. But have you thought about the space under your recliners?

I use mine to store our in-progress puzzles by putting it on a puzzle board and sliding it under the recliners. Be sure to check out all the storage space you have underneath your furniture.

I hope this post has given you many ideas for making the most of your RV-5th Wheel storage. If you have any other ideas, please share them below in the comments.

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