So you want to know how to decorate a house with no money? It’s actually pretty easy and you can do it with interior redesign, also known as, use what you have decorating. In this post I’m going to teach you how to redesign a room in your home, in one day, without spending a dime to do it!

Interior redesign is a less expensive alternative to interior decorating because you use what you already have to create a whole new look for your home.

The main idea is to reuse items from the room, as well as items from other areas of the home to get a new look.

decorative image

Your basically going to be shopping your home for furniture and accessories that will work better in the room you are redecorating.

But there are some steps involved and some muscle needed to get the job done.

And if you follow the steps, you’ll be able to decorate your room with things you already have and it will look so much better!

Clear the room

The first step in how to redesign your room – clear the room!  Everything will need to be removed from the room except for the largest pieces such as the sofa or an armoire. Use furniture sliders to quickly and easily move even the heaviest of furniture.

Don’t forget to remove items on the walls like artwork, mirrors, or shelving, as well as accessories, table lighting, and window treatments… everything must be removed.

As you remove items you will “stage” them in an adjacent room.  Keep all like items together because we are going to “shop” them later. 

For example, all lamps, baskets, vases, chairs, artwork, etc. should all be grouped together so you can find what you need later.

how to decorate with no money

Find your focal point

Now that the room is empty you will be able to see the room for what it is. And an empty room is the perfect time to find your focal point.

There are two different types of focal points, architectural or natural, and a designed focal point. 

An architectural, or natural focal point is something that is fixed in the room such as a fireplace, built-in bookcase, or even a window that looks out to a nice view. 

A designed focal point is one that you make.  It could be a large armoire, an accent wall, or a large piece of artwork just to name a few. 

Once you find your focal point you are going to design the whole room around it.

plain living room design

In the photo above you will notice that they did not address the focal point or the function of this room. Without seeing the whole room, I would pick the fireplace as the focal point and arrange my furniture to face that. Also, the rocker is right in front of the door which isn’t the best spot as far as traffic flow is concerned.

pretty blue and white living room

Here is another room that does address the focal point. This room is set up perfectly to enjoy the fireplace, TV viewing, and for conversation with guests.

Determine the function of the room

The next step of how to redesign your room is to determine the function of the room, or the room’s purpose. 

If it’s a living room then maybe its purpose is to watch television, relax in front of a fireplace, or entertain friends. 

A bedroom’s purpose would be to sleep, relax, store clothing, or even watch tv.

Think about everything you need this room to do for you. This is important because you will need to make sure you have everything in this room for it to function properly. 

There is no sense having a beautiful room if you can’t use it for its intended use.

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