There are many reasons a great room can go wrong but if you diagnose the symptoms, you can usually find a cure. Here are some Easy DIY Home Decorating Ideas to help you easily overcome your rooms illnesses.


before and after of a redesigned room- easy DIY home decorating ideas

Home Decorating ailment #1Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Symptom:  Does your room feel tired and bland?  Do you walk in the room and it just doesn’t feel very good?

Cure:  Maybe all you need is a simple redesign.  You don’t need to buy anything.  Just use what you already have and move things around to give your room a whole new look.  It’s a mini makeover and your room will love you for it.

Try using a side chair from a bedroom in your living room.  Or, how about using a side table in your living room for a bedside table?  Switch your artwork around.  Put your wicker patio chairs in your dining room.  Or use your entryway bench with your dining room table.  

Every little change gives your room a lift and it doesn’t cost a dime.

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examples of decorating fixes - easy DIY home decorating ideas

Home decorating ailment #2Osteoporosis

Symptom:  Are you ignoring the bones of your room?  Do your angles feel weak?

Cure: Pay attention to the architectural elements in your room (parts of the room that cannot be moved). If you have an angled wall or a corner fireplace you should arrange your furniture at the same angle.  If you don’t then your room will feel awkward.

Always make sure your addressing the focal point of the room by arranging your furniture to highlight it.  

Pay attention to doors and windows and make sure you are either highlighting them if they are beautiful or have a beautiful view, or moving the attention to something else if they don’t.

This job is best done when the room is completely cleared out so you can see the architectural elements clearly. 

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Home decorating ailment #3Clogged Arteries

Symptom:  Are you always bumping into things?  Is it hard to navigate around the room?

Cure: Try creating a floor plan so that you can pre-plan traffic patterns around the room.  Make sure to leave plenty of room between furniture and allow access from one room to another or from one seating area to another.

a floor plan with traffic patterns-easy DIY home decorating ideas

Learn how to draw your own floor plan with my post “How to draw a floor plan to scale”

Home decorating ailment #4Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Symptom:  Is your room so cluttered that you can’t focus?

Cure: It’s important to have a focal point in a room to give your eyes a place to rest.  If you have too many things in the room it will feel cluttered, and all you will see is the “stuff” instead of the room.  Get rid of all unnecessary clutter.

Ideally you will have one or two focal points in each room.  In a living room this could be a fireplace and/or entertainment center.  A bedroom could have a focal point of the bed and/or fireplace.  In an office, a focal point could be the desk and/or a beautiful bookcase.  

You need to look at your room, see ailment #2, and decide what focal point you want to have in it.  Pick one or two and build your room around it.  This includes furniture arranging, lighting, and using your best accessories in those areas.  

Home decorating ailment #5Macular Degeneration

Symptom:  Is it hard to see in the room?  Are you ignoring the lighting?

Cure:  Make sure you have a combination of general, task, and accent lighting for the best overall effect in a room.  General lighting is usually overhead lighting such as recessed lights.  Task lighting can be a lamp for reading.  And accent lighting will showcase a focal point and give the room interest.

Using a combination of all three will give your room a beautiful look and make it easy to read, cook, work, etc.

pic of neat desk with task lighting- easy DIY home decorating ideas

Home decorating ailment #6Color Blindness

Symptom:  Are all of your rooms white?  Are you afraid to commit to a color?

Cure: Don’t be afraid to try color on your walls or use color in accessories for pops of color in the room. 

bold blue dining room- easy DIY home decorating ideas

Trick: Never paint a small patch on a wall to try to judge the color.  It will always feel “too dark” on a large white wall.  Instead paint an entire wall then put on your blinders (hands cuffed on the sides of your eyes) so you see only that wall and not the uncolored walls.  If possible put your fabrics and furniture in front of it to see how they all work together.

If you can’t commit to painting a color on the walls then use color in other ways such as with furniture and accessories.

A bold colored sofa can look very dramatic in a living room and make a beautiful focal point.

How about using a large colorful piece of art to bring in color to a room? Again, this can make a great focal point!

And if you want to go real small without a big commitment, try using a grouping of colored vases, candles, or dishes for that pop of color.

Don’t know what color to chose? Read my post “how to pick the right color the first time”

Home decorating ailment #7Impotence

Symptom: Is your area rug too small for your room?  Does size really matter?  😉 LOL I love this one!

Cure:  Use an area rug to define your furniture grouping.  At a minimum make sure that all the furniture in the grouping has at least the front legs on the rug.  See the photo of the traffic pattern above for a good example of the front legs being on the rug.

Ideally, the rug should be just a bit larger than the whole grouping (include all of furniture legs). 

Please don’t buy a rug just big enough for your coffee table!  That table will be the only comfortable thing in the room.

living room with area rug -easy DIY home decorating ideas

In a bedroom, at the minimum, you can use two runners on each side of the bed. Next, would be a rug that goes under the bed that is wide enough to extend out about 2′ on each side and includes the bottom legs up to the front of the side tables.

Ideally, you would purchase a rug large enough that the whole bed and side tables would be under it. So about 2-3′ wider than the bed and from the headboard to just past the foot board. This measurement will change depending on the size of your bed and side tables.

home decorating ailment #8Vertigo

Symptom:  Do you get dizzy from looking up at your artwork?

Cure:  Artwork should be hung at eye level.  You say “whose eye?”  It doesn’t really matter too much, unless you are really tall or really short. 
What you need is to consider is how you use the room. 

artwork hung on kitchen wall - easy DIY home decorating ideas

If it’s a hallway then your eye level is higher because you are standing while looking at the artwork.  If it’s a dining room then eye level is lower because you are sitting while enjoying it.

I like to place my artwork after I have placed all my furniture and accessories. Then I can see what space I have above them to work with and fill it in accordingly.

Home decorating ailment #9Allergies

Symptom:  Is your room void of plants and greens?

Cure:  You don’t have to have a green thumb in order to use plants to liven up your room.  Plants, even artificial ones, make a room come alive.  They are great for filling in empty spaces and they soften hard edges.

Ivy and end table - easy DIY home decorating ideas

If you have a bare corner in your room then add a ficus tree. It fills in the space and adds some life to the space.

When you’ve finished placing your accessories, and you still have some blank areas, fill them in with greens. They don’t even need to be in a pot or vase. Just tuck some branches in and around your accessories and watch them come to life.

This easy decorating tip can take your room to the next level.

Home decorating ailment #10Amnesia

Symptom:  Don’t remember any of these easy DIY home decorating ideas I just taught you?

Cure:  Read my free e-book “How to redesign a room, in 1 day, without spending a dime.”  It breaks down how to fix all these ailments so you can have the room of your dreams without buying anything new.

Leave your questions and comments below 😊

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