suitcase decorating ideas

In the spirit of vacationing and DIY, I have found these adorable suitcase decorating ideas for you. Who said you can’t decorate with suitcases? You are gonna love these creative ideas!

baby inside a vintage suitcase for vintage suitcase decorating ideas

1. Use suitcases as shelves

Why not cut up some vintage suitcases and hang them on the wall? This would be a great place to display all of your mementos and souvenires from all your travels. These would look amazing in a den, office, man cave, or even a boys room.

2. Make a bedtray out of a suitcase

How cute is this bedtray? Instead of using maps you could use mementos from your vacation, travel documents, plane tickets, or even photos from your trip. You could even make some handles from leather straps or robe for a little added style.

3. Make pet beds from old suitcases

Don’t forget your furry little friends. This idea is wayyyy cuter than most pet beds that you can purchase online. I’m all about making your pet products blend in with your decor and this idea definitely fits the bill. Pick just the right sized suitcase to fit your pet.

4. Raised dog bowl from vintage suitcase

Keeping on the pet subject, how about making your own pet bowls from a vintage suitcase? So cute! Here are the instructions for how to build it yourself.

5. Use vintage suitcases for photography props

This image shows suitcases being used for a wedding prop. Adorable idea for a farmhouse or vintage themed wedding. But, you could also use them for more than just weddings. How about in a photo shoot for a vacation photo or one of those old fashioned photo shoots where you dress up in vintage outfits?

6. Coffee table suitcase

Use a large suitcase to make a coffee table simply by adding legs to it. You get an instant piece of furniture with hidden storage! Kate will show you just how easy this DIY project is.

7. Vintage inspired charging station

Kate from Design Sponge does it again. How cute is this? Turn a small vintage suitcase or toiletry case into a charging station for all of your gadgets. What a great way to hide all of the electronics and cords. Click on the link to see exactly how she made it.

Suitcase decorating ideas

8. Make a desk out of a vintage suitcase

How cute would this be in a little boys room? What a great way to make a functional area from an old hand-me-down.

9. Use old suitcases as pure decoration

You don’t have to make something out of an old suitcase. You can simply use it as part of an arrangement on a table, bookcase, or even right on the floor. Vintage suitcases are full of charm and will make a great base for accessorizing your space.

10. Use it as a suitcase

These are great suitcase decorating ideas but just because you have a vintage suitcase doesn’t mean you have to use it for decoration alone. Make over your suitcase and use it as a suitcase! Christie will show you step-by-step how she made over this adorable vintage suitcase.

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